Huckabee, prosecutors go on offensive
___They trade jabs over sentencing, pardoning of killers, other thugs
___Several prosecutors around the state are upset with Gov. Huckabee for grant- ing clemency to violent criminals, but he is blaming the prosecutors for often not seeking the maximum penalty and keeping felons locked up longer.
___Until now, Huckabee has refused to comment on his controversial policy of making violent prisoners eligible for parole,,, [FULL STORY]

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Yesterday's, today's fighters
By RICK KRON- Leader Staff Writer
>>> IN SHORT>>> Museum opening postponed. "We've had so many different opening dates for the museum that ...
Auditing of books in cabot sees problems
By JOAN MCCOY- Leader staff writer
>>> IN SHORT>>> Mayor says faults found in preliminary report by the state have been addressed. [FULL STORY]

Reservist speaks on iraq at Rotary Club meeting
By JON PARHAM - Leader Managing Editor
>>> IN SHORT>>> Jacksonville Army Reservist says there are a lot of good things happening in Iraq. [FULL STORY]

Latest test results for area schools 'promising'
By DAVID ROBINSON- Arkansas News Bureau
>>> IN SHORT>>>
Cabot 5th and 9th graders post highest scores in most categories among area's school districts. [FULL STORY]
City gets check from county
By JON PARHAM- Leader managing editor
>>> IN SHORT>>>
Jacksonville Mayor Tommy Swaim received a check to the city for almost $10,000 from Pulaski County Treasurer Debra Buckner from collections made on property liens filed by the city. [FULL STORY]

Previous Issues

The place to be for summer

Churches all over the county are organizing Vacation Bible Schools and Cabot United Methodist Church is no exception [FULL STORY]

Photos By David Scolli

Shark Attack
By CHAD MATCHETT- Leader sports writer
>>> IN SHORT>>> Sherwood takes a bite out of Cabot at weekend swim meet.