'Blues Traveling' a helpful guide to tri-state Delta sites
___Washington County sheriff's deputy Mack White was cruising in his patrol car toward a crossroad near Leland, Miss.
___Driving past huge open fields, we headed south, looking for a church cemetery, while the deputy was going east a couple of hundreds yards from where we were. We pulled over to see if he could help us, and he turned right and stopped behind our vehicle. [FULL STORY]

Al Bell, man from Stax, is back
Associated Press Writer
___BRYANT – A self-proclaimed, low-tech guy, former Stax Records owner and Motown manager Al Bell finds himself surrounded by a lot of high-tech recording equipment these days.
___ The man who wrote the lyrics to The Staples Singers' "I'll Take You There'' and brought the world the funk of Isaac Hayes and the catchy "Whoomp! There It Is'' is trying to make over the music industry from its independent side.
After years in California, Bell has come home, signing on as a consultant for Alpine Records in this woodsey suburb of Little Rock. The company has studios filled with the latest gadgets that can record today's sound but with Bell's ear catch yesterday's soul. [FULL STORY]

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Farmers hopeful despite the rain
By JOHN HOFHEIMER- Leader staff writer
>>> IN SHORT>>> A wet spring and early summer are not hampering Lonoke County farmers too much as they report good crops so far and are optimistic about the rest of the season. [FULL STORY]

Cities remind residents about fireworks rules
By RICK KRON- Leader staff writer
>>> IN SHORT>>>Sales of fireworks are in full swing at stands across the area but most cities ban shooting fireworks in the city limits. [FULL STORY]

Joint patrol fosters relations
122nd Mobile Public Affairs Detachment

>>> IN SHORT>>>TUNIS, Iraq–Days before Iraqi sovereignty was restored, coalition forces worked doggedly to ensure those who will take the mantle of Iraqi security are properly trained. [FULL STORY]


Reservist speaks on iraq at Rotary Club meeting
By JON PARHAM - Leader Managing Editor
>>> IN SHORT>>> Jacksonville Army Reservist says there are a lot of good things happening in Iraq. [FULL STORY]

Latest test results for area schools 'promising'
By DAVID ROBINSON- Arkansas News Bureau
>>> IN SHORT>>>
Cabot 5th and 9th graders post highest scores in most categories among area's school districts. [FULL STORY]
City gets check from county
By JON PARHAM- Leader managing editor
>>> IN SHORT>>>
Jacksonville Mayor Tommy Swaim received a check to the city for almost $10,000 from Pulaski County Treasurer Debra Buckner from collections made on property liens filed by the city. [FULL STORY]

Previous Issues

A little bird told me
Bebee man finds friend in a brown thrasher he calls Nosey
Nosey the brown thrasher has cultivated a friend in Beebe who has tamed the avian to eat from his hand. [FULL STORY]


Perfect weather
for soccer fest

By CHAD MATCHETT- Leader sports writer
>>> IN SHORT>>> Jacksonville's Dupree Park saw hundreds of soccer fans and parents flood the fields this past weekend during the "got milk" 3 on 3 shootout. [FULL STORY]