Huckabee's dubious achievement
Governor sets record for clemencies
___Gov. Huckabee is on a roll: He has freed more convicts than all of his recent predecessors combined – more than 10 times as many as Gov. Clinton during a 10-year period from 1983 to 1992. [FULL STORY]

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>>_Governor goes own way on pardons [ STORY]
Prosecutors seek more openness on pardons
>>_Huckabee, prosecutors go on offensive
Arkansas Press Association presents Garrick Feldman the "2003 Best Column" award
Award-winning column from Oct. 22, 2003

It was good vs. evil
at Cabot rally
Willis Frazier, the Arkansas Grand Dragon of the International Keystone Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, Inc. recently faxed Cabot city officials a request for permission to demonstrate in front of city hall. [FULL STORY]

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Airman from base is killed
By JON PARHAM- Leader managing editor
>>> IN SHORT>>> Sergeant dies in roadside attack [FULL STORY]

War takes serviceman to remote Uzbekistan
By JON PARHAM- Leader managing editor
>>> IN SHORT>>> LRAFB colonel sees 7 months on distant fron fighting terror. [FULL STORY]

Newspaper wins 29 awards - Staff Report
>>> IN SHORT>>>The Leader has wone 29 newspapers awards from the Arkansas and National Press Associations. [FULL STORY]

Former cop rips pardon
Leader staff writers

>>> IN SHORT>>>However Helen Spencer died, her murderer should spend the rest of his life in prison for his brutal acts. [FULL STORY]


City prepares for big splash
By JON PARHAM- Leader managing editor
>>> IN SHORT>>> Family aquatic center to be ready for swimmers in 2000 [FULL STORY]

North Belt project to get back on road
By JOHN HOFHEIMER- Leader staff writer
>>> IN SHORT>>> The Highway Department has started a new environmental study to choose a North Belt route through Sherwood, even as Little Rock and its chamber promote a south loop to complete the bypass. [FULL STORY]

Chief given major role at air base
By JON PARHAM- Leader managing editor
>>> IN SHORT>>> Aboard a C-130, a main task of the flight engineer is to help monitor the gauges and various plane functions and provide critical information so the pilot can keep the transport plane focused on its mission. [FULL STORY]


Farmers hopeful despite the rain
By JOHN HOFHEIMER- Leader staff writer
>>> IN SHORT>>> A wet spring and early summer are not hampering Lonoke County farmers too much as they report good crops so far and are optimistic about the rest of the season. [FULL STORY]

Cities remind residents about fireworks rules
By RICK KRON- Leader staff writer
>>> IN SHORT>>>Sales of fireworks are in full swing at stands across the area but most cities ban shooting fireworks in the city limits. [FULL STORY]

Joint patrol fosters relations
122nd Mobile Public Affairs Detachment

>>> IN SHORT>>>TUNIS, Iraq–Days before Iraqi sovereignty was restored, coalition forces worked doggedly to ensure those who will take the mantle of Iraqi security are properly trained. [FULL STORY]

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Keepers of the garden

City thanks volunteers for their masterful work


Story and photos by Tom Galante

Leader sports editor

>>> IN SHORT>>> Sylvan Hills wins class A district title.

Blast settles for second
Leader sports editor

>>> IN SHORT>>> Pine Bluff knocks of Beebe for second straight weekend. [FULL STORY]