Let us not whitewash governor's clemencies
__Gov. Huckabee surprised his critcs yesterday and admitted he's been wrong. [FULL STORY]

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Huckabee's dubious

Governor goes own way
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>>_Huckabee, prosecutors
>>_go on offensive
Arkansas Press Association presents Garrick Feldman the "2003 Best Column" award
Award-winning column from Oct. 22, 2003

It was good vs. evil
at Cabot rally
Willis Frazier, the Arkansas Grand Dragon of the International Keystone Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, Inc. recently faxed Cabot city officials a request for permission to demonstrate in front of city hall. [FULL STORY]

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Families push for reforms

By JOHN HOFHEIMER - Leader staff writer
>>> IN SHORT>>> Just three hours before the governor's unexpected reversal on his clemency policy, Parents of Murdered Children poured their hearts out at a rare conference. [FULL STORY

Huckabee retreats on clemencies
By JOHN HOFHEIMER - Leader staff writer
>>> IN SHORT>>> Feeling Presure, Huckabee decides to keep killers locked up, although Glen Green, who murdered a Gravel Ridge teenager, could reapply next year. [FULL STORY]

Air Force says new C-130Js meet specs
By JON PARHAM - Leader managing editor
>>> IN SHORT>>> After required modifications to some systems of the next generation C-130J model, the Air Force says the $62 million plane is on budget and within its specifications, despite a recent critical report from the Department of Defense. [FULL STORY]


Kin against clemency
By JOHN HOFHEIMER - Leader staff writer
>>> IN SHORT>>> Helen Spencer was killed 30 years ago. Her family doesn't want the governor to free her killer, while area prosecutors propose more accountability from the governor in the commutation process. [FULL STORY

Cabot native films ads for the Army
By JON PARHAM - Leader managing editor
>>> IN SHORT>>> Linda Waymack of Cabot never imagined when son Dan got a video camera that it would lead to a career. But today the 39-year-old's Waymack & Crew of Little Rock has 15 full-time workers, a Chicago satellite office and can take eight mobile trucks packed with lighting and camera equipment nationwide for video shoots.. [FULL STORY]

Odom is back as top cop
By JOAN MCCOY- Leader staff writer
>>> IN SHORT>>> By Monday, Odom was back on the job but unwilling to tald about his decision to come back or his reason for leaving. [FULL STORY]

District in Cabot is improved on testing
By JOAN MCCOY- Leader staff writer
>>> IN SHORT>>> School officials are happy to report to the board of education that Cabot fourth, sixth, eight and eleventh grade students did well on statewide benchmark tests given in literacy and math. [FULL STORY]


Airman from base is killed
By JON PARHAM- Leader managing editor
>>> IN SHORT>>> Sergeant dies in roadside attack [FULL STORY]

War takes serviceman to remote Uzbekistan
By JON PARHAM- Leader managing editor
>>> IN SHORT>>> LRAFB colonel sees 7 months on distant fron fighting terror. [FULL STORY]

Newspaper wins 29 awards - Staff Report
>>> IN SHORT>>>The Leader has wone 29 newspapers awards from the Arkansas and National Press Associations. [FULL STORY]

Former cop rips pardon
Leader staff writers

>>> IN SHORT>>>However Helen Spencer died, her murderer should spend the rest of his life in prison for his brutal acts. [FULL STORY]

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