Arkansas clemencies outpace other states
If you're wondering houw Gov. Huckabee's hundreds of clemencies compare with neighboring states, get ready for a shocker. [STORY]
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They're not laughing
with our governor
__Gov. Huckabee isn't laughing out loud anymore when it comes to the touch subject of clemencies. [STORY]

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Why parole a monster
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Huckabee's dubious

Governor goes own way
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Prosecutors seek more
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>>_Huckabee, prosecutors
>>_go on offensive
John Hurt Festival in Avalon, Miss.
Held during the Fourth of July weekend, the second annual Mississippi John Hurt Blues and Gospel Festival in Avalon, Miss., wasn't easy to find, but if you turned off Hwy. 7 and kept going up a hill on a narrow dirt road that wound its way through the woods and past a handful of houses and you followed the signs and your instincts, you came across an opening that looked like the top of the hill, where you saw the great bluesman's shotgun shack and maybe 30-40 cars parked nearby. [FULL STORY]

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Medical, dental services available for unisured
Leader executive editor
>>> IN SHORT>>>
A visit to the doctor can be a source of anxiety but for those who desperately need medical care and can't afford it, a trip to the doctor can be traumatic in more ways than one. [STORY]


Cabot has C-130 it can now call its own
By DAN LIMKE- Leader staff writer
>>> IN SHORT>>> A grateful military community says thanks to a good neighbor. [FULL STORY]

Firm takes over base homes
By JON PARHAM- Leader managing editor
>>> IN SHORT>>> Within months, families at Little Rock Air Force Base will begin moving into new or newly renovated homes as a private contractor begins an estimated $200 million rehabilitation project. [FULL STORY]


Paying for it all
Cabot Council wants more time to decide water funding.
By JOAN McCOY- Leader staff writer
>>> IN SHORT>>> Members of the Cabot City Council listened for three hous Monday night to four different proposals for funding a $22 million water project. [FULL STORY]

Prepare for more taxes for schools
By JOHN HOFHEIMER - Leader staff writer
>>> IN SHORT>>> Beebe tells the Cabot Rotary Club more money is needed to improve facilities. [FULL STORY]

Benchmark tests land schools in trouble
By RICK KRON- Leader staff writer
>>> IN SHORT>>> Severa local middle and junior high schools could be facing the dreaded school improvement list based on recently released scores. [FULL STORY]


Families push for reforms
By JOHN HOFHEIMER - Leader staff writer
>>> IN SHORT>>> Just three hours before the governor's unexpected reversal on his clemency policy, Parents of Murdered Children poured their hearts out at a rare conference. [FULL STORY

Huckabee retreats on clemencies
By JOHN HOFHEIMER - Leader staff writer
>>> IN SHORT>>> Feeling Presure, Huckabee decides to keep killers locked up, although Glen Green, who murdered a Gravel Ridge teenager, could reapply next year. [FULL STORY]

Air Force says new C-130Js meet specs
By JON PARHAM - Leader managing editor
>>> IN SHORT>>> After required modifications to some systems of the next generation C-130J model, the Air Force says the $62 million plane is on budget and within its specifications, despite a recent critical report from the Department of Defense. [FULL STORY]

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Cabot honored with
C-130 ceremony.

Intensity picks
up at Panther

Leader sports editor
>>> IN SHORT>>>
The Cabot Panthers are developing a few problems as practice continues. [STORY]

Falcons focusing on the fundamentals
North Pulaski is still searching for players to plug some holes early on in the preseason. [STORY]

Book Review
Putting a face on Haitian

By EILEEN FELDMAN- Leader executive editor
>>> IN SHORT>>> Haitian-born writer Edwidge Dantica's collection of stories, "The Dew Breaker" (Knopf, $22), can only be described as labyrinthine as it confronts the reader with interwoven parallel tales of the horrors and beauty of life in Port Au Prince, Haiti... [FULL REVIEW]