Developer determined to win over legislature
If you walk into a fancy restaurant in Little Rock, chances are you’ll see a bunch of dark suits entertaining groups of legislators in light polyester sport coats with shirt collars open and ties loose.[FULL TEXT]

Warren Knight: Visionary who did a world of good
Publisher A gentle rain fell Sunday evening only hours after Warren Knight passed away in his sleep at the age of 71 in his Cabot home.

Committee favors slumlord protection Committee favors slumlord protection “Tenants have very few rights under current Arkansas law.” That is the opening line of an informational Web site on landlord-tenant law operated by the Arkansas attorney general. [FULL TEXT]

End death penalty for young people
Arkansas is one of only 21 small dominions on earth where an eye for an eye is still the operating theology with juveniles. [FULL TEXT]

Deltic Timber tries Trojan Horse gambit Just when it appears that people in Central Arkansas can celebrate the prospect of another quarter-century of clean water the word comes that the developers have been reading classical mythology. They resurrected the Trojan Horse.

Second unit pushes Social Security reform
The first team having failed to generate even a first down in the big Social Security showdown, the Bush administration this week sent the second unit to Arkansas in the person of Treasury Secretary John Snow. As far as we could tell, the yard marker never moved.




Overpass faces money hurdles, uncertainty on area annexation

IN SHORT: Federal money to build a railroad overpass in Cabot could become available this year, but the city would need between $600,000 and $800,000 for matching funds. Compli-cating matters is the possibility that Austin might annex a part of the area near Hwy. 367 and Hwy. 38, where the overpass would go up.[STORY]

TOP STORY>> Air Force favors
keeping C-130Js

IN SHORT: Vice Chief of Staff Gen. T. Michael Moseley has joined a top Marine general in calling for a review of the Pentagon’s decision to end the C-130J acquisition program, which, the generals say, would leave a hole in the nation’s ability to deliver troops and supplies where they are needed.

to separate boy, girls
IN SHORT: When some Jacksonville-area students return to classes in August, the boys will head to the junior high campus and the girls to the middle school campus, the Pulaski County Special School District Board decided by a 6-1 vote Tuesday night. {FULL TEXT}

TOP STORY>> Franchise tax hike
to pay ambulance

Cabot aldermen meeting as the finance committee Saturday morning discussed raising franchise fees to pay for building an ambulance service for the city. {FULL TEXT}


SPORTS>> AL Owls overpower Comets
IN SHORT:Offensive bursts in first and third innings lead Owls to win over Mills.

Gage Hayley checks out the camera while his brothers Gunner, back left, and Greyson watch some TV. The identical Haley triplets recently celebrated their first birthdays.

Three’s not a crowd at the Haley home No, you're not seeing triple. There really are three of them.

March 2, 2005

Water bill runs into solid wall in House
By JOHN HOFHEIMER- Leader Staff Writer
>>> IN SHORT>>>
Deltic Timber says it will have its controversial water bill reintroduced after it has had time to lobby all 100 House members.

Adult education center evicted
for new plant
>>> IN SHORT>>>The Literacy Council is also told to leave to make way for a manufacturer that will make patented hitches for tractor-trailer rigs with paired loads.[STORY]

Some asking why Cabot mayor is not city's highest-paid official

By JOAN MCCOY- Leader Staff Writer
>>> IN SHORT>>>
After the city council on Monday passed a record budget, aldermen wondered out loud why Mayor Stumbaugh is making $6,000 less than his public works director.[STORY]


Fourth quarter kids

By RAY BENTON - Leader sports editor
>>> IN SHORT>>>
Bears post 29-7 rally to beat J-town [SPORTS]


Fundraiser for Dakota
Community gives $127,000 for Cabot teenager to pay for his operation in Israel. [PHOTO FEATURE]

March 9, 2005



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