FROM THE PUBLISHER>> Reactions to series on predators
WeÕre getting plenty of comments about our series on sexual predators. Many readers are sending their comments to our Web site.

Another reason to hate Texas
You thought the Arkansas legislature was bad? When it comes to foolish lawmaking, the Texas assembly has put us in the shade again.

Charter schools are failing
It is the policy in Arkansas as it is in Washington to expand charter schools, the semi-private schools that operate with public funds and with few binding restraints. But somehow we have come to expect bad news whenever the state Board of Education meets to license these little schools.

Call Sens. Pryor and Lincoln today
If you turn on your television this week and do even a little channel surfing, you are apt to be beseeched by an announcer to tell ArkansasÕ two U. S. senators to give Presi-dent BushÕs court appointments an up-or-down vote by changing the rules to prevent filibusters. Viewers in Arkansas and five other states where senators of one or the other party are thought to be shaky are being bombarded with commercials ahead of the vote on abolishing the filibuster.

State laboratory is decertified
Arkansans have become accustomed the past five years to stories about bungling and inefficiencies in its public health services. Gov. HuckabeeÕs solution was finally to ask the legislature this winter to move the big Health Department under the control of the even bigger Department of Human Services, and the legislature obliged. The transfer will happen July 1. [FULL TEXT]

A telling roll call
Every now and then a legislative body takes a roll call that identifies for voters the real constituency of their lawmakers. The vote on permanent repeal of the federal estate tax provided such a roll call. [FULL TEXT]

OÕBrien gives voters hope
Could Pulaski County be headed for an honest, reliable and trouble-free election in 2006, the first in memory for most of us? [FULL TEXT]









Moments after breaking ground for a town hall to anchor the ambitious new Little Rock Air Force Base housing privatization project, a trackhoe on Monday fired up and began tearing down outdated duplexes adjacent to the site. American Eagle Communities has five years to build or remodel 1,200 homes, for which it also has a contract worth $500 million to manage.

IN SHORT: A $1.2 million town hall is intended as a meeting place as the air base privatizes housing. [FULL TEXT]

Banks still at odds on branch
IN SHORT: Banks still at odds on branch IN SHORT: First Arkansas Bank and Trust is considering making an appeal in Pulaski County Circuit Court after the bank commissioner ruled that Bank of the Ozarks can build a branch in Jacksonville. [FULL TEXT]

Last class is set to get diplomas in McRae Friday
IN SHORT:Consolidation with Beebe spells the end of small school district [FULL TEXT]

A photograph of three students at Cabot High School is reprinted in the latest edition of The Science Teacher magazine. [FULL TEXT]

Sylvan Hills drops Bryant
IN SHORT: Sylvan Hills got one of the most improbable two-out rallies one could imagine Tuesday afternoon, advancing the Bears to their third-straight state championship game.


Beebe ladies top Goblins, Leopards
IN SHORT: The Beebe Lady Badgers played their way to within one win of the Class AAAA State Fastpitch Softball Championship on Saturday and Monday. [FULL TEXT]

May 4, 2005

Guests attend the grand opening of the Jacksonville Museum of Military History in downtown Jacksonville on Sunday. The museum, which has been in the planning stages for 20 years, features artifacts from several wars and is open every day. Photo by Brian Rodriguez

IN SHORT:Some 300 people on Sunday attended the grand opening ceremony in Jacksonville for a museum that has been planned for 20 years. [FULL TEXT]


Locating sex offenders
IN SHORT:A comprehensive survey of registered criminals reveals how many live in your community and how their numbers compare to the rest of the state. [FULL TEXT]

Cabot to pay for fee study
IN SHORT: But the city councilÕs finance committee still doesnÕt know how to pay for a study that recommends putting levies on construction.

School scare often chases off students
IN SHORT:Although hit lists should not be ignored, a former McRae superintendent warns against hysteria.

Districts to start on their facilities
IN SHORT: The new state school improvement board established emergency rules so districts can keep children Ōsafe, warm, dry and healthy.Ķ


NP wins, loses one at state
IN SHORT: NP ladies get schoolÕs first playoff win [FULL TEXT}

Hurricane blows past Cabot in conference doubleheader
IN SHORT: No harm was done to anything other than CabotÕs record, but the Panthers would have liked to have closed out their conference season on a better note than a doubleheader sweep at the hands of league champion Jonesboro. [FULL TEXT}


Cabot gears up for weekend's Strawberry Festival [FULL TEXT}


April 27, 2005

Gov. Mike Huckabee (front) announces two $10,000 rewards for information on recent school fires. Pulaski County Special School District Superintendent Don Henderson is on Huckabee's right. Leader photo by Brian Rodriguez

IN SHORT:The reward would come from Huckabee's emergency fund for information on fires at Sherwood Elementary School and Hope High School. [FULL TEXT]


CAW buys land, protects source
IN SHORT:Central Arkansas Water gathers steam in its move to protect the areaÕs drinking water with victories in the state legislature and in Pulaski County court. [FULL TEXT]

Cabot to pay for fee study
IN SHORT: But the city councilÕs finance committee still doesnÕt know how to pay for a study that recommends putting levies on construction.

Zoning causes concern in Beebe
IN SHORT:Underdeveloped property in proposed annexation area will be zoned commercial if voters approve idea in August.

Search for football coach underway
IN SHORT:JHS head coaching position was officially posted Friday and several people have already expressed interest in the job. [FULL TEXT}

Falcons are on a roll
IN SHORT: North Pulaski baseball is on a two-game winning streak. The Falcons dominated their last two opponents, beating crosstown rival Jacksonville 7-1 Friday, then disposing of Little Rock Hall 12-2 Monday afternoon in five innings. [FULL TEXT}


You might be Jane Balgavy if youÕre the guest of honor at the 10th annual Cabot Scholarship Foundation Roast and Toast. [FULL TEXT}


April 20, 2005

Senior Master Sgt. Timothy Standish, 314th Security Forces Squadron helps Jonathan Porter, 11, of Jacksonville, try on a helmet during KUDOS (Kids Understanding Deployment Operations) Saturday at Little Rock Air Force Base. Leader photo by Tom Galante


Improvement fund helps area
IN SHORT:Sen. Glover leads in lining up money for his pet projects, although Sen. Capps, Reps. Bond, Evans, Pate, Prater, Schulte and Wood also do well for their districts.

Where money would go
IN SHORT: Area legislators have secured millions of dollars from the General Improvement Fund for local projects.

PCSSD looking for big savings
IN SHORT: In preparation for a special Wednesday board meeting called to cut millions from the school board budget, the financial officer sees real savings from each proposed cut.

Cabot will decide on funding for overpass and center
IN SHORT: Bridge would be built early if millage passes, but center in limbo if measure fails.

City council wont' settle with official
IN SHORT: Clerk-treasurerÕs discrimination lawsuit against Cabot goes to trial in July.

He's upbeat on C-130Js, Berry says
IN SHORT: Ignoring the White House, Congress is pushing for more transport planes to help fight wars, although Berry complains of rising deficits without saying how they could be cut.



Jacksonville senior Charreka Connors hits a sacrifice grounder that scored Megan Peeples from third base during the Lady Devils doubleheader sweep of Forrest City Monday at Dupree Park. Connors reached base safely due to an error at first on the play.[FULL TEXT]
Leader photo by David Parker


Falcons inch closer to state playoff berth
IN SHORT: The North Pulaski boys soccer team played itself to within one win of qualifying for the state tournament last week with a 3-1 win over CrowleyÕs Ridge Academy in Paragould.


May 11, 2005



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