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Journalist put down deep roots
Cone Magie, who passed away Monday at the age of 81, was one of those newspaper publishers who are so closely identified with their communities that it’s hard to imagine one without the other. [FULL TEXT]

How did we go from 10 percent to 3,000 percent interest on loans?
A populist state like Arkansas, which once had the lowest usury rate in the nation — 10 percent was the interest limit until 1982 — now allows payday lenders to charge outrageous interest rates — often several hundred percent interest. [FULL TEXT]

Payday lenders still in charge
A couple of local women wept during a meeting of the Joint Senate and House Judiciary Committees at the Capitol Thursday as they talked about their nightmarish experiences with so-called payday lenders in Jacksonville. [FULL TEXT]



MARCH 29, 2006

Bond says he wants to help the elderly, while several other
officeholders have yet to file.

Candidates continue to file
IN SHORT: Rep. Will Bond, D-Jacksonville, filed Monday for re-election in Dist. 56. The lawmaker said his top priority would be trying to make sure that senior citizens can live in their homes as long as possible. [FULL TEXT]

Finalist for chief left job under a cloud
IN SHORT: Although his resume won’t reflect it, one of the five finalists to be the next Lonoke chief of police was forced from his job as Blytheville chief of police in February, in part for using the “n” word during the course of a drug taskforce operation, according to articles published in the Blytheville Courier News. [FULL TEXT]

Three will challenge Privett in Lonoke
IN SHORT: Lonoke Mayor Thomas Privett, who has drawn at least three primary opponents in his first reelection bid, said Monday that they may have thought he wasn’t going to run again or that misdemeanor charges filed against him alleging that he had prisoners do personal work weakened him. [FULL TEXT]

Mayor honors teen’s work
IN SHORT: Sherwood Mayor Bill Harmon Monday night recognized a North Little Rock East Campus student for collecting about 1,400 backpacks, suitcases and other bags for use by foster children as they move through the system. [FULL TEXT]

Most area schools meet spending cap
IN SHORT: All area school districts, except England, appear to be safe under Gov. Mike Huckabee’s proposed cap on administrative costs as a percentage of total budget, according to a state Education Department’s administrative cost report for the 2004—2005 school year. [FULL TEXT]

Pryor wants new planes for air base
IN SHORT: Sen. Mark Pryor, D-Ark. said Thursday that the Depart-ment of Defense needs a smaller version of the C-130J even better suited to the kind of military actions being fought in the Middle East and that pilots and crews for those planes should be trained at Little Rock Air Force Base, like all other C-130 crews. [FULL TEXT]


The tables have turned
IN SHORT: In 1961, Brooks Nash, a member of the Cabot school board and retired principal, became one of the first lettermen on the University of Arkansas at Little Rock basketball team back when the school was called Little Rock University. [FULL TEXT]


Jonesboro batter Murray Watts tells the third base runner to stay on base as Red Devils catcher Zach Thomas stops a pitch from going wild Monday at Dupree Park.

Jacksonville drops third twin-bill
IN SHORT: It was another tough conference twin-bill for the Jacksonville Red Devils on Tuesday, as they dropped two games to Jonesboro at Dupree Park. The Golden Hurricane took both games by scores of 8-0, with a no-hitter pitched by Jonesboro pitcher Cody Powell in game two. [FULL TEXT]

Cabot sweeps West Memphis
IN SHORT: The Cabot Panthers improved to 6-0 in the AAAAA-East conference by sweeping a road doubleheader at West Memphis Monday. [FULL TEXT]





Previous Issues

Choosing between kids and pork
Tomorrow is the deadline for legislative leaders to assure Gov. Huckabee that he runs no risk if he calls the General Assembly into session next week to rework public school funding for the current budget cycle. He wants assurances that both the Senate and House of Representatives will pass new school appropriations and funding formulas, or else he will not summon legislators to Little Rock. [FULL TEXT]

Labor’s strange tribunes
Gov. Huckabee has another compelling reason to call the legislature into special session next week: the minimum wage.Do not be mistaken. The governor and his party are not champions of a minimum wage and neither, for that matter, is the Arkansas Legislature, though it is dominated by Democrats. But they are all united behind raising the minimum wage from $5.15 an hour to $6.15 an hour. Motives are mixed. If Huckabee calls the legislature into session, it is the one proposal certain of enactment. [FULL TEXT]

Smoking on front-burner
Who says political expediency makes bad government? Reversing years of resiliency for the tobacco industry, Gov. Huckabee said this week that he will ask the legislature at a special session next month to outlaw smoking in most of the workplaces of Arkansas. [FULL TEXT]


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