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Old days recalled by Faught
“Oh, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet.”
Rudyard Kipling, “The Ballad of East and West.”
If you’re taking the pulse of the community, you could check with Dewey Faught, the Air Force veteran and retired executive director of the Cabot Chamber of Commerce. [FULL TEXT]

More downhome blues
Eb Davis, one of Arkansas’ great soul-blues singers, has a new CD out, Eb Davis and the Super-band: Live at the A-Trane, Berlin (Soul Defender), recorded last year before an enthusiastic crowd in the German capital, where he has lived for many years. [FULL TEXT]

Woodpecker search takes break till fall
I hope I didn’t scare off the ivory-billed woodpecker when I called Gene Sparling on his cell phone on a recent Sunday afternoon. [FULL TEXT]

DWI should end Huck’s presidential campaign
Gov. Huckabee’s presidential candidacy effectively ended last week when a habitual drunk driver whose prison sentence he had commuted to time served was arrested again on April 4, almost killing the policeman who stopped him. [FULL TEXT]

How Beebe didn't get vote right on lenders
Attorney General Mike Beebe's voting record on payday lenders is more complicated than we realized. Beebe's people were unhappy with my last payday lenders column, where I said the former senator actually oted for the Check Cashers Cat in 1999, earlier to reports that he voted against the bill. [FULL TEXT]

Candidates vow to ban loan sharks
The payday lenders are in big trouble. For seven years, ever since the Legislature passed the check cashers law, they’ve charged fantastic interest rates on their loans. [FULL TEXT]





MAY 3, 2006

From left, Brig. Gen. Kip Self and Pulaski county Special School District board member Carol Burgett visit with Tolleson Elementary principal Diane Ashenberger on Monday.

Base would give land for school
IN SHORT: Brig. Gen Kip Self, Little Rock Air Force Base commander, said Monday that if the Pulaski County Special School District will pony up the money for a new school building to replace Arnold Drive Elementary, the base could donate property along Harris Road to relocate the school on the northwest side of the city. [FULL TEXT]

Cabot biggest winner in state funding
IN SHORT: Arkansas’ School Facilities Commission tentatively approved funding of hundreds of construction projects Monday, including $13 million for the Cabot School District. Its numerous building projects include , among others, $7.8 million for a new cafeteria and physical education building, as well as $4.5 million for a new elementary school to be constructed near Campground and Stagecoach roads. [FULL TEXT]

Counties still struggle with voting machines
IN SHORT: Most counties in Arkansas will be using paper ballots when early voting begins next week because of problems with the recently purchased electronic voting machines, Secretary of State Charlie Daniels said Tuesday, but locally, Pulaski County and Lonoke County officials still hope to use their new touch-screen Ivotronics. [FULL TEXT]

Pulaski jail remains mostly closed
IN SHORT: The Pulaski County Regional Detention Facility has been closed 10 times more than it has been open this year because of overcrowded conditions. [FULL TEXT]


Angels in Arkansas
IN SHORT: Pleasant Hill Baptist Church ministry serves community with low prices. For the past year, Pleasant Hill Baptist Church on Hwy. 89 six miles south of Cabot has been helping hungry families stretch their food dollar further with Angel Food Ministries. [FULL TEXT]


Sylvan Hills coach Denny Tipton, middle, meets his players on the mound earlier this season. The Bears sealed up the AAAAA-East Conference championship Monday with a doubleheader sweep of Forrest City at FCHS.

Sylvan Hills makes league title official
IN SHORT: Going into Monday’s conference doubleheader, fourth-ranked Sylvan Hills needed to win only one of the two games to clinch the AAAAA-East Conference title. [FULL TEXT]

Cabot tops Nettleton, prepares to host state
IN SHORT: The Lady Panthers fastpitch winning streak continues into the state tournament as a result of a 6-0 win over Nettleton Monday evening in Cabot. The Lady Panthers got just six base hits, but scored in four straight innings to get the win going away. [FULL TEXT]




Previous Issues

Pesky critics blacklisted
After more than a dozen years in state office, Gov. Huckabee still has not developed the thick skin and the serenity that marks great politicians, and this week it cost him again. When he retaliated against the pesky Arkansas Times by shutting the paper off from the news flow in the governor’s office, it made the national prints. [FULL TEXT]

Bush sees the light
The Republican proposal to send everyone a $100 check to get them through the gasoline crisis was greeted with jeers and jibes, which was the reaction to the other anemic proposals from the White House and the congressional leadership. The hair must have been standing on President Bush’s neck last week as he read the polls and heard from a skeptical public. [FULL TEXT]

Huck at Gitmo
The Bush administration has bungled a lot of crises, but it moved with uncanny shrewdness to combat the reports of detainee mistreatment at the prison camp at Guantanamo Naval Base. It picked Gov. Mike Huckabee to go down one day and check things out with his prison director, Larry Norris [FULL TEXT]


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