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Searchers confirm our report
Hunters and nature lovers can now come and go as they please in the Big Woods of eastern Arkansas, as the search for the rare ivory-billed woodpecker is on summer vacation.

Party rift in county mirrors national troubles
President Bush hoped Monday night that he would recover some of the support he had lost over illegal immigration — not to mention the war in Iraq and record gasoline prices — but his speech promising to tighten our borders pleased hardly anyone. [FULL TEXT]

Memorial grows for fallen state trooper
The Navy’s Blue Angels flight demonstration team will return to Little Rock Air Force Base in the fall for another air show. The Blue Angels have flown here several times, but on their next visit they will make a short detour to a small Jacksonville park that honors the memory of State Trooper Jimmie White, who died after he escorted the Blue Angels’ motorcade to the air base in June 2002. [FULL TEXT]

Old days recalled by Faught
“Oh, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet.”
Rudyard Kipling, “The Ballad of East and West.”
If you’re taking the pulse of the community, you could check with Dewey Faught, the Air Force veteran and retired executive director of the Cabot Chamber of Commerce. [FULL TEXT]

More downhome blues
Eb Davis, one of Arkansas’ great soul-blues singers, has a new CD out, Eb Davis and the Super-band: Live at the A-Trane, Berlin (Soul Defender), recorded last year before an enthusiastic crowd in the German capital, where he has lived for many years. [FULL TEXT]

Woodpecker search takes break till fall
I hope I didn’t scare off the ivory-billed woodpecker when I called Gene Sparling on his cell phone on a recent Sunday afternoon. [FULL TEXT]

DWI should end Huck’s presidential campaign
Gov. Huckabee’s presidential candidacy effectively ended last week when a habitual drunk driver whose prison sentence he had commuted to time served was arrested again on April 4, almost killing the policeman who stopped him. [FULL TEXT]

How Beebe didn't get vote right on lenders
Attorney General Mike Beebe's voting record on payday lenders is more complicated than we realized. Beebe's people were unhappy with my last payday lenders column, where I said the former senator actually oted for the Check Cashers Cat in 1999, earlier to reports that he voted against the bill. [FULL TEXT]

Candidates vow to ban loan sharks
The payday lenders are in big trouble. For seven years, ever since the Legislature passed the check cashers law, they’ve charged fantastic interest rates on their loans. [FULL TEXT]





MAY 17, 2006

Wayne Hawley demonstrates how a ballot can be fed into the Optech III P Eagle paper ballot scanner for Pulaski County. More than a hundred machines have been checked and delivered for early voting in next Tuesday's primary.

Democrats out to win
IN SHORT: While the Lonoke Republicans are locked in an intra-party struggle for quorum court seats, the Democrats have just two contested seats in the primary races, each with three candidates. [FULL TEXT]

GOP fights with itself for control
IN SHORT: The Lonoke County Republican Party has sufficiently matured—at least in the Cabot area—to splinter into a more strictly conservative group led by former state Rep. Randy Minton, which is fielding primary candidates against other, less doctrinaire Republicans. [FULL TEXT]

Alderman sues to get information
IN SHORT: Cabot Alderman Odis Waymack filed suit in circuit court Monday afternoon against the mayor and three city employees over access to a survey of First Street, where seven one-lane bridges need to be replaced. [FULL TEXT]

Despite shortages, battle will be long
IN SHORT: Maj. Gen. Marc Rogers, 19th Air Force commander at Randolph Air Force Base in Texas, told airmen at Little Rock Air Force Base the ongoing global war on terror is stretching military budgets and personnel. [FULL TEXT]

Jacksonville’s best to shine at business expo
IN SHORT: The Jacksonville Business Expo is scheduled from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Thursday at the community center. It’s free to the public. [FULL TEXT]


Walk for life
IN SHORT: A Walk for Life event to raise money for A Woman’s Place Pregnancy Resource Center, located in Cabot and Beebe on Saturday morning. [FULL TEXT]


The Abundant Life Owls pile up at the pitcher's mound of Baum Stadium at the University of Arkansas after winning the class AA state championship.

Abundant Life State Champions
IN SHORT: Abundant Life made it 3-2 in five games against its most bitter rival, and won the class AA state baseball championship in the process, beating Arkansas Baptist 10-7 in the championship game Saturday at Baum Stadium in Fayetteville. [FULL TEXT]

Youth out en masse for Falcons spring drills
IN SHORT: Monday afternoon was the first day of pads for the 2006 North Pulaski Falcons. Forty of the estimated 55 players for this coming season’s team participated in drills in preparation for the coming week of playing in pads. [FULL TEXT]




Previous Issues

The Leader's choice
We have endorsed these candidates who face opponents in Tuesday's primaries:

Retain Sen. Capps
Local voters will face a long list of candidates in next Tuesday's Democratic and Republican primaries, from quorum court members to attorney general, from sheriff
to lieutenant governor.


Formicola for GOP primary
Republicans have slim hopes of electing a congressman in the Second District this year, but they can produce a serious dialogue about the good of the country. [FULL TEXT]

Our choices for high court
Under the governing theory for electing judges in Arkansas, the less voters know about the candidates the better the judicial system will serve them. The Arkansas canons of ethics for judges still seem to bar judges and even candidates for judgeships from making any utterance that suggests that they have thoughts about any of the concerns of society. . [FULL TEXT]

Lt. governor choices...
Only a few more days remain before you get to vote for a new lieutenant governor — just as as soon they get the new voting machines working. Meantime, to whet anticipation, the Leader offers its advice in the two primary races for the office among four Democrats and three Republicans. [FULL TEXT]

For the GOP: Go with Banks
The choice for lieutenant governor is much easier in the Republican primary, where former United States Attorney Chuck Banks of Little Rock takes on two state lawmakers, state Sen. Jim Holt and Rep. Doug Matayo, both of Springdale. Banks is the choice. Holt is the frontrunner in a race where name recognition is a premium. Holt has gotten acres of newsprint since he entered politics because of the curiosity over his childrearing. [FULL TEXT]


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