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Every death is like a loss in the family
Several of our friends passed away last week. Two died on the same day, and another at week’s end. [FULL TEXT]

A bad week for Huckster,
but he lives

Gov. Huckabee had a near-death experience last week while flying to a political convention in North Carolina. [FULL TEXT]

A dubious distinction for the county
This is really amazing: We’re a twice-weekly newspaper, and we still have late-breaking election news a week after the primaries.










JUNE 21 , 2006

Workers are repainting the C-130 in front of Little Rock Air Force Base. The plane left Saigon at the end of the Vietnam war in 1975 with scores of refugees who resettled in the U.S. The plane saw thousands of hours of flight time before it was put on display at LRAFB.

Air base role moves toward combat duty
IN SHORT: Air Mobility Command to return to Little Rock Air Force Base within the next 18 months, general tells community council. [FULL TEXT]

Cabot says no to road project
IN SHORT: Council rejects plan to pay for road that would ease downtown congestion. [FULL TEXT]

Jacksonville-Sherwood fight delayed
IN SHORT: Pulaski County judge postpones Sherwood’s annexation of 2,000 acres until mid-July because of uncertainties about jurisdiction. [FULL TEXT]

Should rich farmers get subsidies?
IN SHORT: Watchdog groups say wealthy politicians like Cong. Berry and Sen. Lincoln and celebrities like Ted Turner, Scotty Pippen and Sam Donaldson shouldn’t get farm aid.

City officials put spotlight on Sunnyside
IN SHORT: Resident, alderman speak out on crime in neighborhood and all of Jacksonville. [FULL TEXT]


Jim Ault’s Prairie Bird 50 RC rests in a tree after a gust of wind blew it into the
sycamore’s limbs during a demonstration at Cabot Junior Space Camp held at Southside Elementary School.

Space camp
IN SHORT: Students at space camp learn about all forms of flight -- even those that end up in a tree. [FULL TEXT]


John Santiago, left, 11, and his brother James, 14, of Cabot, are two of three accomplished swimmers from Cabot. Their older brother Jared, 16, is also a former Piranha and teammate with his brothers on the Little Rock Dolphins USA team.

Santiagos more than swimmers to Cabot
IN SHORT: Jared, James and John Santiago are decorated swimmers for the Cabot Piranhas, but offer much more to their town. [FULL TEXT]

Bruins split at Twin Lakes
IN SHORT: The Sylvan Hills AAA team split two games in Mountain Home over the weekend in the Brooks Robinson Twin Lakes Classic. [FULL TEXT]

Piranhas growth expected to accelerate soon
IN SHORT: The Cabot Piranhas are struggling with numbers, but the coming new pool should change that. [FULL TEXT]

Opinion: Drafted Hogs should succeed
IN SHORT: Pitcher Daryle Maday and catcher Blake Parker have what it takes to make it as professional players. [FULL TEXT]




Previous Issues

Ratepayers still shafted
Here is some shocking news: The state Public Service Commission says it lacks confidence that Arkansas homeowners will be spared having to help pay the electricity bills of people and industries in Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas.

The Lord as your

Providence dealt mercifully with Gov. Huckabee last week when one of the twin engines of the Cessna Citation that was ferrying him, his wife, daughter and aides to a political gathering in North Carolina conked out near Chattanooga. [FULL TEXT]

Rove is off the hook
A single terrorist who has murdered and maimed at will for three years around Baghdad while mocking the U.S. military and thousands of intelligence agents is finally crushed by bombs, and then the president’s top aide learns that he will not go to prison. No one ever needed a good week more, and for President Bush those two events pass for a stellar week. [FULL TEXT]

Huckabee: What a card!
For his sake and for the good of this blessedly humble state, someone needs to tell Gov. Huckabee that he serves us best by not imitating either Don Imus or Ann Coulter when he is in the cultivated precincts of New York, or even North Carolina. [FULL TEXT]

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