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Good people should get in the limelight
(This is the second part of a two-part column that we’ve turned over to Jaynie M. McClain of Lonoke, whose cousin, Army Specialist Bobby West of Beebe, was killed May 30 in Baghdad at the age of 23. He was buried June 7 in Beebe as hundreds of Patriot Guard Riders protected the family from about 10 protesters from Kansas, who be-lieve God has punished America because it tolerates homosexuals.)

A relative looks back on funeral
We turn today’s column over to Jaynie McClain of Lonoke, whose cousin, Army Specialist Bobby West of Beebe, was killed on May 30 in Baghdad.












JULY 1, 2006

Performers, service members and honorees come onstage at the conclusion of Friday night's Home of the Brave Patriotic Spectacular at Jan Crow Stadium in Jacksonville.

Fourth of July
IN SHORT: Hundreds filled Jan Crow Memorial Stadium in Jacksonville Friday night as they were entertained by songs and fireworks at the “Home of the Brave” Patriotic Spectacular in Jacksonville. [FULL TEXT]

Report: Split up county district
IN SHORT: Jacksonville should get its own school district. Pulaski County Special School District should continue to exist in some fashion. [FULL TEXT]

Panel asks JPs to seek vote on jail
IN SHORT: Although Pulaski County can’t afford to add more beds to its jail, the county is willing to spend $100,000 for a special election for a sales tax to almost double the number of beds at the county jail. [FULL TEXT]

Payday lender keeps stores open
IN SHORT: The owner of 14 payday lending businesses in Arkansas, including businesses in Cabot, Beebe and Searcy, was fined $1.3 million Wednesday for operating without a license and ordered to immediately cease, but all 14 are still open and the state board that handed down the order will have to take him to court to enforce it. [FULL TEXT]


Sylvan Hill's Grant Garlington makes contact Thursday night during the Bruins' 2-0 victory over Sheridan in Jacksonville's Fourth of July Classic.

Bruin pitching improves
IN SHORT: Sylvan Hills’ AAA American Legion team started the season a little shallow in the pitching department, but that area has come along nicely, and the Bruins now have three solid starters. Tony Pavan has been in the starting rotation since the beginning, but his durability has improved dramatically and that has helped his team dramatically as well.[FULL TEXT]

Home Depot topples Blue
IN SHORT: Cabot Home Depot im-proved its overall record to 10-14 on the season with a 9-3 win over Class A Little Rock Blue at the Conrade Sports Complex Thursday night. [FULL TEXT]


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Ruling hurts school reform
What a quaint, and dangerous, decision that was by Pulaski Circuit Judge Jay Moody in the Paron school case. The harm to the law and, more importantly, to children may last only a year, but that is enough.



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