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Big George Brock still packs a punch
Big George Brock is a 74-year-old former heavyweight boxer who still packs a double punch as a powerful harmonica player and blues singer. His new CD, Round Two (Cat Head Records), follows last year’s successful Club Caravan, which was nominated for a Handy award.

Lawsuit aims to stop group
Members of Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kan., were again busy this week picketing funerals of soldiers killed in Iraq, but lawsuits filed by families who have lost their loved ones could stop the church group from taunting grieving relatives.

Sheikh, rattle and roll as war goes on
Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, the Hezbollah leader, didn’t do the Lebanese any favors when he picked a fight with Israel. He’s still firing rockets into Israel, but look at the price he’s paying: Hundreds of his fighters dead, thousands more Lebanese civilians killed and injured and much of his country in ruins.

Beware: Lines are signs of WWIII
You can tell from the long lines of cars outside Little Rock Air Force Base that the nation is at war. Security is extremely tight, as it is throughout the country and at all U.S. military installations around the world.

Huckabee pardons another drunk
Gov. Huckabee blundered twice this week: He leased a brand-new Suburban at taxpayers’ expense for nearly $900 a month, the gold-plated version, no less, even though he has only six months left in office. What was wrong with the old one?

Down in Bentonia
For Sam Myers, 1935-2006 Down in Bentonia, Miss., deep in the Delta, a couple of fast-fingered bluesmen strummed their guitars and sang in a haunting falsetto, creating the Bentonia blues sound.












AUG. 16, 2006

During last Thursday's fire at Cabot Junior High North, the roof collapsed, adding to the destruction of the $9 million building.

Sprinklers not mandatory
IN SHORT: Fire safety system not an automatic requirement, officials say. [FULL TEXT]

Base faces another big deployment
IN SHORT: LRAFB to send 600 airmen overseas in January as part of the global war on terror, while more C-130s and personnel are expected here. [FULL TEXT]

Junior high to become campus of 25 trailers
IN SHORT: School may not open until Sept. 4 for Cabot Junior High North students since a defective fluorescent bulb set the building ablaze last Thursday. Classes will be forced to meet in portable buildings when they resume. [FULL TEXT]

New high school opening Monday
IN SHORT: Although tragedy struck Cabot Junior High North last week, there is good news for the school district. [FULL TEXT]

Districts cited by state for problems
IN SHORT: News continues to be bad for Cabot Junior High North. First, the school was placed in late July on the state’s list of 325 schools needing improvement for failing to make adequate progress on the state benchmarks exams. [FULL TEXT]



The Lady Red Devils work on hitting from the front line during Monday practice at the Devils Den. This year's team is considerably ounger than last year's squad with all but 10 players on the roster consisting of sophomores.

Lady Devils volleyball loaded with sophomores
IN SHORT: Jacksonville Lady Red Devils will have to rely on underclassmen to fill out several positions on this year’s volleyball team. [FULL TEXT]

Fifth coach in five years
IN SHORT: North Pulaski’s assistant coach Amanda Hill is the new head volleyball coach for the Lady Falcons. She is the fifth head coach in five years at the school. [FULL TEXT]

NP ladies get new leader in basketball
IN SHORT:Former freshmen boys coach takes reins for North Pulaski’s high school girls team for upcoming 2006-07 season. [FULL TEXT]

Memorial race finally completed at Beebe
IN SHORT:The feature for the Scrapp Fox Memorial was run on Friday after two previous rainouts. [FULL TEXT]

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Candidates pandering
Voters know by now not to invest much confidence in what a candidate for governor says about taxes during a heated campaign. The budget realities a year from now will determine what he does about taxes.

College bonds: They're baack!
Gov. Huckabee signed a proclamation last Thursday putting $250 million of college construction debt on the ballot again, less than a year after its defeat at a special election.

‘Good,’ ‘bad’ governors
Economic statistics can prove to be so perverse, but rarely to such an extreme as the report card that the Arkansas Policy Foundation issued the past week on the job-creating performance of Arkansas governors since World War II.

The Fed does nothing
After 17 straight periods in which it raised benchmark interest rates, the Federal Reserve yesterday lay doggo. Equity exchanges, bond markets, traders and economists everywhere waited for that news and then, their prayers answered, didn’t know what to make of it. The indexes fluctuated wildly and then finished, very oddly, lower across the board.

Casinos Royale
By winter, Arkansas will have casinos at Hot Springs and West Memphis, the first since Gov. Winthrop Rockefeller shut down the illegal ones at Hot Springs in 1968.

Adios, Paron
Should anyone by now have any doubts, the seven justices of the Arkansas Supreme Court let it be known this week that they are serious about finally requiring the state to follow the state Constitution’s 130-year-old mandate that it provide a good education to every child, equally and efficiently.

Huckabee in Frisco
Gov. Huckabee pops up nowadays in the most unusual venues, newspaper offices, as he plies his unofficial campaign for president.

Special election is ill adviced
Pulaski County, which is too broke to afford to house hardly any new prisoners, is about to get $100,000 deeper in debt and be out of jail options because of the quorum court’s ill-advised decision to hold a special election.

Internet disputes
Every-thing’s up to date in Arkansas this week, with a pair of high-tech news items grabbing our attention.

We'll pay piper twice
Did you catch the numbing remark in the state newspaper this week about the land value of the rugged slopes south of Lake Maumelle that the water utility for central Arkansas is trying to buy to keep your water safe?








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