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Honoring heroes in a time of terrorism
Sgt. Synnora Guinn of the Pulaski County Sheriff's Department was decked out in her Scottish regalia and played "Amazing Grace" on her bag pipes at the ceremony Monday honoring America's heroes.

Bad guys will get hands on nukes soon
While talking to Israel's consul general not long before the fifth anniversary of 9/11, I realized that in his country, they commemorate such anniversaries just about every week.

War on terror begins right here at home
Little Rock Air Force Base will once again send several hundred men and women overseas for the war on terror.

Big George Brock still packs a punch
Big George Brock is a 74-year-old former heavyweight boxer who still packs a double punch as a powerful harmonica player and blues singer. His new CD, Round Two (Cat Head Records), follows last year’s successful Club Caravan, which was nominated for a Handy award.

Lawsuit aims to stop group
Members of Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kan., were again busy this week picketing funerals of soldiers killed in Iraq, but lawsuits filed by families who have lost their loved ones could stop the church group from taunting grieving relatives.

Sheikh, rattle and roll as war goes on
Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, the Hezbollah leader, didn’t do the Lebanese any favors when he picked a fight with Israel. He’s still firing rockets into Israel, but look at the price he’s paying: Hundreds of his fighters dead, thousands more Lebanese civilians killed and injured and much of his country in ruins.

Beware: Lines are signs of WWIII
You can tell from the long lines of cars outside Little Rock Air Force Base that the nation is at war. Security is extremely tight, as it is throughout the country and at all U.S. military installations around the world.

Huckabee pardons another drunk
Gov. Huckabee blundered twice this week: He leased a brand-new Suburban at taxpayers’ expense for nearly $900 a month, the gold-plated version, no less, even though he has only six months left in office. What was wrong with the old one?

Down in Bentonia
For Sam Myers, 1935-2006 Down in Bentonia, Miss., deep in the Delta, a couple of fast-fingered bluesmen strummed their guitars and sang in a haunting falsetto, creating the Bentonia blues sound.












SEPT. 30 , 2006

A northbound tractor-trailer rig crossed into oncoming traffic on Hwy. 67/167 between Sherwood and Jacksonville Friday morning, sending seven people, including the driver of the 18-wheeler to the hospital. Traffic was backed up as far as the LRAFB exit.

Seven injured in truck wreck
IN SHORT:A northbound tractor-trailer rig and a vehicle crossed over into the southbound lanes of rush hour traffic on a stretch of Hwy. 67/167 between Sher-wood and Jacksonville injuring seven people and creating a massive traffic jam Friday morning. [FULL TEXT]

Payday loans halted
IN SHORT: Diminished returns and bad publicity lead Advance America, one of the leading check cashers, to end military loans in the area beginning Oct. 15. [FULL TEXT]

LRAFB center close to funding
IN SHORT:House approves $9.8 million for education building; Senate expected to go along.[FULL TEXT]

Freeway widening will start this fall
IN SHORT: Metroplan dots the final “i” on road projects, while commission accepts bids.

Wood, Hipp win school nailbiter
IN SHORT: Boards are decided, one run-off will happen in Lonoke Oct. 10. [FULL TEXT]

Airmen at base receive medals for Iraq service
IN SHORT: Bronze Stars were recently awarded to Sr. Airman John Leese and Sr. Master Sgt. Stanley Joseph, both of the 314th Logistics Readiness Squadron at Little Rock Air Force Base, for their heroism during a recent deployment to Iraq. [FULL TEXT]

Crime rate goes up in many areas
IN SHORT: Major crime jumped 5 percent in Arkansas in 2005, while arrests for those crimes fell 8 percent, according to a recently released crime index report by the Arkansas Crime Information Center. [FULL TEXT]



Cabot kicker Steve Lamb hits an extra point that won the game in overtime to defeat Little Rock Catholic 14-13 Friday night.

Extra point wins it for Panthers in overtime
IN SHORT:Catholic missed an extra point in overtime, and Cabot made its own to beat the Rockets. [FULL TEXT]

Jonesboro rolls over Red Devils
IN SHORT:The Hurricane handed the ball to the fullback 42 times and played power football to defeat Jacksonville 22-7 in a big 6A-East matchup at Jan Crow Stadium. [FULL TEXT]

SH ladies volleyball routs Warriors
IN SHORT: Sylvan Hills knocked off Little Rock Hall in a non-conference match Thursday night at Sylvan Hills High School. [FULL TEXT]

Badgers escape Falcons
IN SHORT: Beebe spoiled North Pulaski’s homecoming night, but not without a tussle from the winless Falcons. Beebe won the conference matchup 33-23. [FULL TEXT]


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Previous Issues

The 527’s are coming
This is the part of the election season we dislike, when the 527s take over. Those are the “independent” political groups that are exempt from the rules of the game set up by the McCain-Feingold campaign-finance law.

Reduce debt, Beebe argues
A treasury surplus of between $700 million and $800 million supplies candidates for governor with a cornucopia of opportunities to indulge large blocs of voters, and Mike Beebe and Asa Hutchinson have not been timid.

Going after payday lenders
Desperately needing traction against Mike Beebe in their painfully mechanical race for governor, Asa Hutchinson accused the attorney general this week of not sincerely wanting to get rid of the payday lenders.

Looking at their records
Having a long record in public office is a political advantage on the day that you announce for higher office because voters are supposed to put a premium on wisdom that flows from experience.

A poverty of the mind
Here is a statistic that both encourages and depresses us: The parents of about 10 percent of seventh and eighth grade students in Arkansas sign waivers every year so that their children will not be required to take the core curriculum for secondary school.

Engaging in debate
Mike Beebe and Asa Hutchinson, the major party candidates for governor, engaged in the first debate of the season Monday night at Jonesboro, and our considered judgement is that the collective impact of the hour of boasts and jibes was

It's Lieutenant, sir
Their debate Monday night may not have been exciting-it was not televised and was witnessed by a handful of people besides their cheerleaders-but at least the candidates for lieutenant governor provide a refreshing contrast.

Why it failed
One of the arguments against the quarter-cent sales tax for Pulaski County jails, the most philosophically persuasive was that we already lock up too many people for too long for too many reasons.

Blaming Daniels
The name or political party of the Arkansas secretary of state has never mattered much to us because his or her work is ministerial and you merely hope that whoever wins the office hires competent people to keep all the files straight.

Docudrama downfall
Impartial media may have become an oxymoron, but even in this day of jaded and sly journalism ABC's five-hour documentary, or "docudrama," "The Path to 9/11" is a monumental embarrassment. More than that, it is an affront to the American people.

Message in a jail vote
For the third time in nine years, Pulaski Country voters yesterday rejected a proposed special sales tax to expand and operate the countyjail. Now, the county and municipal governments have a fresh mandate to be more innovative and more cooperative to keep communities safe.

Vote for tax, despite doubts
We wish in vain for the perfect tax proposal, one that addresses a need that everyone concurs is unavoidable with a remedy that everyone considers wise.

Slumping incomes
Another day, another depressing economic report. Now it is the U.S. Census Bureau reporting on its 2005 household survey, which showed median family incomes slumping swince the turn of the century, in Arkansas a whopping 7.2 percent over the five years.

Huck frees another one
Another killer has been paroled, and questions have been raised about Gov. Huckabee's involvement.











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