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Hastert won’t resign
House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert says flatly that he will never resign his leadership post because of the mushrooming page scandal, and we would never suggest that he should quit, at least not for his shocking but predictable weakness in the page matter.

Perspective on illegals
The campaign template for every Republican candidate for public office in America this year is supposed to include a plan to stop immigration.

Speaker Hastert should resign
House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert, widely criticized for doing nothing about Rep. Mark Foley after learning of the Florida Republican's sexually suggestive correspondence with teenage pages, asked the FBI Monday to start a criminal investigation of Foley.

The 527’s are coming
This is the part of the election season we dislike, when the 527s take over. Those are the “independent” political groups that are exempt from the rules of the game set up by the McCain-Feingold campaign-finance law.

Reduce debt, Beebe argues
A treasury surplus of between $700 million and $800 million supplies candidates for governor with a cornucopia of opportunities to indulge large blocs of voters, and Mike Beebe and Asa Hutchinson have not been timid.



First school since 1970s a possibility
Attorney Gen. Mike Beebe wants to build the first new school in Jacksonville in 30 years, and he thinks he can fund it with the state's surplus, although that's vanishing about as fast as last decade's federal surplusd

Honoring heroes in a time of terrorism
Sgt. Synnora Guinn of the Pulaski County Sheriff's Department was decked out in her Scottish regalia and played "Amazing Grace" on her bag pipes at the ceremony Monday honoring America's heroes.

Bad guys will get hands on nukes soon
While talking to Israel's consul general not long before the fifth anniversary of 9/11, I realized that in his country, they commemorate such anniversaries just about every week.

War on terror begins right here at home
Little Rock Air Force Base will once again send several hundred men and women overseas for the war on terror.

Big George Brock still packs a punch
Big George Brock is a 74-year-old former heavyweight boxer who still packs a double punch as a powerful harmonica player and blues singer. His new CD, Round Two (Cat Head Records), follows last year’s successful Club Caravan, which was nominated for a Handy award.

Lawsuit aims to stop group
Members of Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kan., were again busy this week picketing funerals of soldiers killed in Iraq, but lawsuits filed by families who have lost their loved ones could stop the church group from taunting grieving relatives.

Sheikh, rattle and roll as war goes on
Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, the Hezbollah leader, didn’t do the Lebanese any favors when he picked a fight with Israel. He’s still firing rockets into Israel, but look at the price he’s paying: Hundreds of his fighters dead, thousands more Lebanese civilians killed and injured and much of his country in ruins.

Beware: Lines are signs of WWIII
You can tell from the long lines of cars outside Little Rock Air Force Base that the nation is at war. Security is extremely tight, as it is throughout the country and at all U.S. military installations around the world.

Huckabee pardons another drunk
Gov. Huckabee blundered twice this week: He leased a brand-new Suburban at taxpayers’ expense for nearly $900 a month, the gold-plated version, no less, even though he has only six months left in office. What was wrong with the old one?

Down in Bentonia
For Sam Myers, 1935-2006 Down in Bentonia, Miss., deep in the Delta, a couple of fast-fingered bluesmen strummed their guitars and sang in a haunting falsetto, creating the Bentonia blues sound.












OCT. 07 , 2006

Jackonsville city manager Sidney Gray sets up a display for the City of Jacksonville's Public Works booth set up for Wing Ding.

Cutting districts seen as no help to area
IN SHORT:Although Gov. Huckabee says each county should have just one school district, lawmakers say eliminating local control is not necessarily the answer. [FULL TEXT]

Rezoning issue still alive by 6-4 vote
IN SHORT: Jacksonville planning commissioner Emma Knight threatens to resign if her panel’s decision against proposed townhouses is overruled. [FULL TEXT]

Killer tries appeal again
IN SHORT:Heath Stocks of Furlow, who killed his father, mother and younger sister almost 10 years ago, is asking for his life sentence in prison to be commuted to a sentence in years so that he may someday be eligible for parole. [FULL TEXT]

Opponents pass petitions
IN SHORT: The clemency petition of Robert Todd Burming-ham—the blue-light rapist—has touched a raw nerve not only with his victims and their family members, but also with those who remember living in fear during the dark nights of 1997. [FULL TEXT]

Authority sorting out its finances
IN SHORT: The newly appointed Jacksonville Housing Authority Board of Commissioners is trying to sift through the troubled agency’s budget and convince the Internal Revenue Service that it is not owed $72,000 in withholding taxes. [FULL TEXT]

Cabot to relocate its city hall next door
IN SHORT: The city has officially taken over the old Community Bank building with long-term goal of actually owning the property. [FULL TEXT]



Jacksonville junior Cameron Hood is brought down by a Sylvan Hills defender Friday night during the Red Devils' 16-12 win.

Jacksonville escapes SHHS with crucial win over Bears
IN SHORT: Sylvan Hills threatened to take the win away from the Red Devils with a late drive, but the Jacksonville defense pulled out the win to keep the Devils in the 6A-East Conference playoff hunt. [FULL TEXT]

Panther gifts lift NLR rot victory
IN SHORT:The Panthers gave away the ball and the game Friday night in a 26-7 7A-East loss to the North Little Rock Charging Wildcats. [FULL TEXT]

Lady 'Cats take match over Cabot Ladies 3-0
IN SHORT: After a close game one, the Lady Wampus Cats dominated Cabot in the last two games to take a 3-0 shutout match win in 7A-Central play. [FULL TEXT]

Lonoke hammers SSB Southerners
IN SHORT: The Jackrabbits annhiliated Southside Batesville Friday night at Abraham Field in Lonoke. The Rabbits won 55-0 to improve their season record to 2-1 in the 4A-2 league.

Yellowjackets show no mercy
IN SHORT: Wynne ousted Beebe in a 49-7 contest that ended under continuous clock.


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