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Roberts sets an example
Here’s a small news item that missed the regular prints last month: Admirers of the marvelous work of Bobby Roberts, the director of the Central Arkansas Library System, conducted a broad but muted fund-raising effort to outfit a conference hall in the new Arkansas Studies Institute and name it after Roberts.

One more look back
All politics is local, the proverb goes, but in some elections a universal spirit guides the result from sea to sea.

More news of the weird
Former Cong. Tommy Robinson, mired in bankruptcy proceedings, is headed for the Republic of Congo as a lobbyist for the newly installed regime, while Gov. Mike Huckabee and the First Lady are planning a wedding shower for themselves as they prepare to move into their new $500,000 home in North Little Rock.

Biggest challenge
The biggest challenge facing Mike Beebe when he becomes governor of Arkansas is figuring out what to do with the state’s growing surplus.

Call me a populist
AUSTIN, Texas — Having watched election coverage nonstop all week, I sometimes wake screaming, “Bipartisanship!” and scare myself.


General who served here runs mobile war center
A group of airmen inside a metal building near the flightline at Little Rock Air Force Base were talking shop while they stood near several covered pallets of cargo last week, when Gen. Scott Gray, commander of Air Mobility Warfare Center at Fort Dix, N.J., walked in.

Vote count disaster for Bush, GOP
Few Republicans expected this year’s mid-term elections would go their way, but Tuesday’s results are worse than any of the polls had predicted.

Eyewitness to uprising in Hungary
I'm going to write this week about an eyewitness to the Hungarian revolution–me.

First school since 1970s a possibility
Attorney Gen. Mike Beebe wants to build the first new school in Jacksonville in 30 years, and he thinks he can fund it with the state's surplus, although that's vanishing about as fast as last decade's federal surplusd

Honoring heroes in a time of terrorism
Sgt. Synnora Guinn of the Pulaski County Sheriff's Department was decked out in her Scottish regalia and played "Amazing Grace" on her bag pipes at the ceremony Monday honoring America's heroes.

Bad guys will get hands on nukes soon
While talking to Israel's consul general not long before the fifth anniversary of 9/11, I realized that in his country, they commemorate such anniversaries just about every week.

War on terror begins right here at home
Little Rock Air Force Base will once again send several hundred men and women overseas for the war on terror.

Big George Brock still packs a punch
Big George Brock is a 74-year-old former heavyweight boxer who still packs a double punch as a powerful harmonica player and blues singer. His new CD, Round Two (Cat Head Records), follows last year’s successful Club Caravan, which was nominated for a Handy award.

Lawsuit aims to stop group
Members of Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kan., were again busy this week picketing funerals of soldiers killed in Iraq, but lawsuits filed by families who have lost their loved ones could stop the church group from taunting grieving relatives.

Sheikh, rattle and roll as war goes on
Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, the Hezbollah leader, didn’t do the Lebanese any favors when he picked a fight with Israel. He’s still firing rockets into Israel, but look at the price he’s paying: Hundreds of his fighters dead, thousands more Lebanese civilians killed and injured and much of his country in ruins.

Beware: Lines are signs of WWIII
You can tell from the long lines of cars outside Little Rock Air Force Base that the nation is at war. Security is extremely tight, as it is throughout the country and at all U.S. military installations around the world.

Huckabee pardons another drunk
Gov. Huckabee blundered twice this week: He leased a brand-new Suburban at taxpayers’ expense for nearly $900 a month, the gold-plated version, no less, even though he has only six months left in office. What was wrong with the old one?

Down in Bentonia
For Sam Myers, 1935-2006 Down in Bentonia, Miss., deep in the Delta, a couple of fast-fingered bluesmen strummed their guitars and sang in a haunting falsetto, creating the Bentonia blues sound.












NOV. 22, 2006

A C-130J drops paratroopers as they show off their skills during the recent Little Rock Air Force Base air show Airpower Arkansas. More planes and airmen will be deployed here.

Push on for more C-130Js
IN SHORT: Arkansas legislators ask the Pentagon for more cargo planes for the Jacksonville air base. [FULL TEXT]

North Belt Loop may hit another bump in the road
IN SHORT: Progress continues to be made, but a west Little Rock interchange could make funding even more difficult. [FULL TEXT]

Night shift works an area burglary, gives out advice
IN SHORT: During a ride along with the Pulaski County deputies, a reporter gets a first-hand look at what night patrol is like after a call comes in that a burglary was still in progress off Hatcher Road in the far north portion of the county.

Cabot City Council moves to shut down business
IN SHORT: As the mayor and old city council prepare to step down, they move to close a controversial Internet firm accused of defrauding customers.



Harding Academy quarterback Luke Tribble is dragged down from behind during the Wildcats’ overtime win over Hector Friday.

Wildcats’ focus improves
IN SHORT:Harding Academy realizes it got away with one last week, and expects to be better prepared to play this week against Lafayette County in the quarterfinals of state. [FULL TEXT]

Sylvan Hills closes tourney with win
IN SHORT:Sylvan Hills knocked off North Pulaski in the consolation game of the MSM tournament. [FULL TEXT]

Searcy routs Batesville in home opener
IN SHORT: The Lions boys and girls teams won easily over visiting Batesville in the first game of the season at “The Jungle”, the raucous home gymnasium at SHS. [FULL TEXT]

South comes from way behind, defeats CJHN
IN SHORT: The freshmen Cabot South basketball team overcame a 16-point deficit to beat rival North. [FULL TEXT]

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