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Deltic should pay back taxes
The news that Central Arkansas Water and Deltic Timber Corp. are nearing an agreement for the utility to buy 700 acres of Deltic timberland on the slopes above its public water intake on Lake Maumelle leaves us with two impulses: cheering and crying. [FULL TEXT]

Declare Dumas a disaster
Outrage of the week: President Bush and the Federal Emergency Management Agency refused to declare a disaster in Desha County, which was swept by devastating tornadoes two weeks ago.

Making excuses for Libby
What a difference eight years make. A special prosecutor pursued President Clinton relentlessly through the ‘90s to see whether he had committed a crime in a 1978 private land transaction in Marion County, Ark.

Libby takes the fall
Yesterday was a hard day in one of the hardest times any president has had to face since Pearl Harbor. Only Bill Clinton’s impeachment may have been harder, for the president and for the beloved country.


Stackhouse label keeps blues alive
Jim O’Neal, co-founder of Living Blues magazine, is back in the record business with a new label after the demise of Rooster Blues, which issued some of the most important blues of the last 25 years, including several first-rate musicians from Arkansas, such as the late Larry Davis, as well as Willie Cobbs and Lonnie Shields, who are still performing. [FULL TEXT]

First-class care, pay essential for military
The scandal over the shabby treatment veterans receive at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington and elsewhere tells only half the story. [FULL TEXT]

State plane flies again: Say it ain’t so, Mike
The Leader was complaining in an editorial Saturday about former Gov. Huckabee wearing out that State Police plane after he hijacked it for his personal use, flying with family and friends to all the fun places, high above the great unwashed — that’s us, the taxpayers who’re now supposed to shell out $4 million for a new airplane because Gov. Beebe likes it, too. [FULL TEXT]

Disabled vet celebrates successors
Butch Davis sat at a round table near the corner where the Singing Sergeants entertained in the big gym on Little Rock Air Force Base, which was honoring its top personnel at the annual awards banquet Saturday night. [FULL TEXT]

Candidates are plentiful for 2008 run
“Candidates Outnumber Voters in ‘08.” [FULL TEXT]

Charge Atilla the Huck for his vandalism
The national media will one day catch up with Mike Huckabee’s vandalism during his last days in office, when the former governor ordered underlings to smash computer hard drives costing Arkansas taxpayers thousands of dollars. [FULL TEXT]

Finding out more about state firings
Gov. Mike Beebe promises he’ll run an open administration, unlike his predecessor, the secretive Mike Huckabee, who used to walk out with the office furniture when no one was looking.

Favorite jazz, blues from ’06
While talking to Lonoke County Justice of the Peace Larry Odom, who could pass for drummer Levon Helm’s brother, I remembered I still hadn’t listed my favorite CDs and DVDs of 2006:

Time of year bringing out best in folks
Marti Frederick of Cabot returned home around 7 o’clock Christmas night from family gatherings in Little Rock.

Man loses long fight to cancer
Andrew Parker, who had fought a brain tumor much of his life, wanted to see his sister and her family in Atlanta one last time over the Thanksgiving weekend.

What little girl wanted for holiday
When my friend Jack Sallee was with the Jaycees in Fayetteville, they’d put an ad in the paper at Christmastime, saying that for $2 you could have Santa come to your place.

Rape victim in Lonoke recalls her nightmare
One of Joe Rounsaville’s three rape victims was crying as she recalled her attacker menacing her in her home in Lonoke.

Next stage in Iraq still uncertain
More than 30 U.S. soldiers died in Iraq during the first week of December while politicians in Washington debated the recommendations of the Iraq Study Group on how to extricate ourselves from a war that will soon enter its fifth year

It's cold, but Africa is too hot just now
The cold weather blew in from the southwest, but we escaped an ice storm, which is not uncommon around here in early December.

Robert Junior Lockwood, RIP
Robert Junior Lockwood, the last of the great Arkansas Delta bluesmen, died this week in Cleveland, Ohio, at the age of 91 after suffering a stroke earlier this month.
















March 10, 2007

A sightseeing helicopter carrying two tourists from Cabot and other visitors crashed Thursday on the Hawaiian island of Kauai, killing Teri McCarty of Cabot. Teri’s husband James McCarty is still listed in critical condition at Queen’s Hospital in Honolulu. The pilot and two other passengers were also killed in the crash that has initially been blamed on a hydraulics problem.

Helicopter crash kills a sightseer from Cabot
IN SHORT: Wife dies, but her husband survives Thursday accident while touring the island of Kauai. [FULL TEXT]

DNA results aired at trial
IN SHORT: Defense challenges drug evidence on Jay Campbell found on a straw and fights off testimony that inmates were intimate with his wife. [FULL TEXT]

Residents may sue council over vote
IN SHORT: A group of citizens that a former mayoral candidate called a “small disgruntled group” is looking at filing legal action against the Sherwood City Council. [FULL TEXT]

N. Pulaski district gets boost
IN SHORT: A bill that would help clear way for Jacksonville district, and help end court desegregation monitoring passes House and now moves to the Senate. [FULL TEXT]

Early time change baffles many here
IN SHORT: Will an earlier daylight savings time create chaos or will it pass unnoticed? How many will be late for church tomorrow? [FULL TEXT]



Cabot’s Colin Fuller lines up to throw out Sylvan Hills’ Hunter Miller after Miller struck out swining at a ball in the dirt Thursday during the Bears win..

Sylvan Hills wins its second classic title
IN SHORT: The Bears beat Cabot to win the Jacksonville baseball tournament Thursday.

Falcons start 5A-East with sweep of Chicks
IN SHORT: North Pulaski’s baseball team won both ends of a conference double dip.

Lady Jackrabbits relish underdog role in title game
IN SHORT: Underdogs. It is a term that has been hurled at the Lonoke Lady Jackrabbits the entire week in preparation for the 4A state championship game with Central Arkansas Christian today at the Summit Convention Center in Hot Springs. [FULL TEXT]

Riverview matches with Hughes better than many realize
IN SHORT: Three days of championship basketball will close Saturday night with one of the least known teams in the tournament taking on a perennial contender when the Riverview Raiders challenge the Hughes Blue Devils in the Class 3A state championship game at 7:45 p.m. at the Summit Convention Center in Hot Springs. [FULL TEXT]


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