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Huck tries to impress
The first big cattle show of the 2008 season for Republicans, which was promoted as a debate but wasn’t, left the pastoral scene of presidential politics unchanged as far as we could tell. [FULL TEXT]

U.S. prosecutor demoted over bullying e-mail
Witness in Campbell trial used his government computer and official title to try to intimidate newspaper with threat of a $50 million libel suit and takeover of The Leader.

Bush vetoes spending bill
As he had vowed, President Bush vetoed the supplemental spending bill for the Iraq war Tuesday evening, settling a score with the Democratic majorities in the Senate and House of Representatives.

More on firings
Every emanation from the bowels of the U. S. Justice Department leaves us less satisfied than before about what happened last year to our chief federal law enforcement agency. Local developments magnify our hunger.

Supreme Court rejects TIFs
What we like about this state Supreme Court is its stern devotion to the Constitution, which is what we should always expect but do not always get from appellate courts.


U.S. prosecutor demoted over bullying e-mail
Witness in Campbell trial used his government computer and official title to try to intimidate newspaper with threat of a $50 million libel suit and takeover of The Leader.

Why didn’t feds take this case?
You may have wondered while you were following the corruption trial of Jay and Kelly Campbell in Lonoke County why the U.S. attorney’s office in Little Rock didn’t prosecute the couple, along with two shady bail bondsmen, who will be tried later.

Politics at local level rough, just ask mayor
“All politics is local.”
— Thomas “Tip” O’Neill,
— longtime Speaker of the House
The political pros know that voters are more passionate about local issues than about national politics, even in time of war.

You cannot judge a book by its cover
The cover of Elizabeth Jacoway’s book on the Central High School integration crisis reproduces one of the most famous photos of the civil rights era. [FULL TEXT]

Terrific music from a favorite label
Robert Bilbo Walker was performing New Year’s Eve at Sarah’s Kitchen, a small eatery in Clarksdale, Miss., playing many of his songs from his old Rooster Blues CDs, “Promised Land” and “Rock the Night: Live in Chicago.” [FULL TEXT]

Good guy decides he won’t run
It must have come as a relief to the already crowded field of presidential candidates when Sen. Chuck Hagel announced Monday he won’t seek the Republican presidential nomination, at least not just yet. [FULL TEXT]

Stackhouse label keeps blues alive
Jim O’Neal, co-founder of Living Blues magazine, is back in the record business with a new label after the demise of Rooster Blues, which issued some of the most important blues of the last 25 years, including several first-rate musicians from Arkansas, such as the late Larry Davis, as well as Willie Cobbs and Lonnie Shields, who are still performing. [FULL TEXT]

First-class care, pay essential for military
The scandal over the shabby treatment veterans receive at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington and elsewhere tells only half the story. [FULL TEXT]

State plane flies again: Say it ain’t so, Mike
The Leader was complaining in an editorial Saturday about former Gov. Huckabee wearing out that State Police plane after he hijacked it for his personal use, flying with family and friends to all the fun places, high above the great unwashed — that’s us, the taxpayers who’re now supposed to shell out $4 million for a new airplane because Gov. Beebe likes it, too. [FULL TEXT]












May 5, 2007

Tim Baize of Cabot lifts his hand in praise as Cabot residents of all faiths joined others around the nation in the 56th annual National Day of Prayer held Thursday reaffirming the role of prayer in society. Jacksonville also participated in the National Day of Prayer, offering prayers for communities, government officials, schools and families.

Self: Base well positioned till 2025
IN SHORT: The outgoing commander says LRAFB, which has seen major physical improvements, should keep its key missions and even see growth, but the base closure and realignment process remains a challenge. [FULL TEXT]

Schatz named commander
IN SHORT: Little Rock Air Force Base will have a change of command May 16, when Brig. Gen. Kip Self hands the reins over to Brig. Gen. (Select) Rowayne A. Schatz, Jr., a former base squadron commander. [FULL TEXT]

Rezoning map for Cabot is finalized
IN SHORT: Many pupils will go to different elementary schools after Stagecoach opens.

City puts final touch on design for library
IN SHORT: Jacksonville is moving foward with its plans for a high-tech media center in middle of downtown. [FULL TEXT]

Project could bring water to farmers
IN SHORT: A dream for 50 years, area farmers could be plumbing the depths of the Arkansas River for irrigation within seven years. [FULL TEXT]

Deal to build subdivision not dead
IN SHORT: Developer believes he will eventually become the owner of the property and build a gated community on the site. [FULL TEXT]


North Pulaski coach Raymond Cooper, right, loosens up the crowd Wednesday at the signing for his son Quinn, seated, to Lyon College.

NP point man signs with Lyon
IN SHORT: Quinn Cooper will take the next step at Batesville’s Lyon College later this year. [FULL TEXT]

Owls walk to Region 2 title victory
IN SHORT: Abundant Life wrapped up a No. 1 seed for this weekend’s 3A state tournament with a run-ruled 13-3 win over Magnet Cove. [FULL TEXT]

Beebe favored in first round
IN SHORT: The Lady Badgers won the 5A-East Conference outright, now they hope to repeat that success with a sweep of the state tournament.[FULL TEXT]


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