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Some taxes should go up
Every week brings new announcements of investment in the exploration of the vast Fayetteville shale gas play and, far more quietly, fresh complaints about the horrors that follow it: the waste pits, polluted ground water, the surface degradation and the weak secondary roads and city streets that are pounded into rubble by the heavy equipment. [FULL TEXT]

Insuring Arkansans
If the health-care crisis yielded to simple solutions, Arkansas at least would be home free by now. But the state learned once again that even the offer of a big federal subsidy will induce few employers to insure their workers. [FULL TEXT]

Huckabee does NEA
The good but politically unfortunate thing about Mike Huckabee’s campaign for president is that he does not have a Karl Rove to keep the campaign on a single message.

Thank you
Thanks to all the good folks at Jacksonville City Hall for keeping us abreast of all the public meetings scheduled in town.

America’s birthday
We have the vague sense, unsupported by research, that the Fourth of July is the American holiday that people still observe unashamedly for its original spirit and not for its commercial or political abstractions.

Air strategy saving lives
Brig. Gen. (Select) Rowayne Schatz is in his office at the headquarters of the 314th Airlift Wing at Little Rock Air Force Base, where he’s the commander, and he reaches for a dagger he’d brought back from Qatar a couple of years ago, when he was in charge of running airlifts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Payday series wins award in competition
(The Arkansas Press Association awarded The Leader first place in the Better Newspaper Contest for our in-depth reporting on payday lenders. This column from March 22, 2006 was part of that series.)
A populist state like Arkansas, which once had the lowest usury rate in the nation — 10 percent was the interest limit until 1982 — now allows payday lenders to charge outrageous interest rates — often several hundred percent interest.


Next move may be up to federal prosecutor
When the FBI completes its public-corruption probe into former Cabot Mayor Stubby Stumbaugh’s administration, interim U.S. Attorney Tim Griffin in Little Rock could be the one who decides whether to file charges against Stumbaugh and his cronies.

How city wiped out vet’s investment
A veteran of Vietnam, Iraq and the former Yugoslavia, Jim Eggert bought two commercial buildings in Jacksonville, but the closing of the Graham Road rail crossing killed business. He’s put his property up for sale, but he’ll have to take a huge loss.

Famed photographer had roots in area
If you turn off Hwy. 5 at Cabot near the freeway and drive down Cleland Road for less than a mile, you’ll come to Mt. Pleasant Road.

U.S. prosecutor demoted over bullying e-mail
Witness in Campbell trial used his government computer and official title to try to intimidate newspaper with threat of a $50 million libel suit and takeover of The Leader.

Why didn’t feds take this case?
You may have wondered while you were following the corruption trial of Jay and Kelly Campbell in Lonoke County why the U.S. attorney’s office in Little Rock didn’t prosecute the couple, along with two shady bail bondsmen, who will be tried later.

Politics at local level rough, just ask mayor
“All politics is local.”
— Thomas “Tip” O’Neill,
— longtime Speaker of the House
The political pros know that voters are more passionate about local issues than about national politics, even in time of war.

You cannot judge a book by its cover
The cover of Elizabeth Jacoway’s book on the Central High School integration crisis reproduces one of the most famous photos of the civil rights era. [FULL TEXT]

Good guy decides he won’t run
It must have come as a relief to the already crowded field of presidential candidates when Sen. Chuck Hagel announced Monday he won’t seek the Republican presidential nomination, at least not just yet. [FULL TEXT]

First-class care, pay essential for military
The scandal over the shabby treatment veterans receive at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington and elsewhere tells only half the story. [FULL TEXT]

State plane flies again: Say it ain’t so, Mike
The Leader was complaining in an editorial Saturday about former Gov. Huckabee wearing out that State Police plane after he hijacked it for his personal use, flying with family and friends to all the fun places, high above the great unwashed — that’s us, the taxpayers who’re now supposed to shell out $4 million for a new airplane because Gov. Beebe likes it, too. [FULL TEXT]












July 11, 2007

South Bend Volunteer Fire Rescue team members help other officials clear debris from behind a Greyhound bus that crashed into the woods off I-40 Monday near the Remington Road exit in Lonoke County.

Woman detained in I-40 bus crash
IN SHORT: After suspect is examined at the state hospital, she will go to Lonoke County jail.

Residents stonewall two plans
IN SHORT: Commissioners ask developers to come back with better plans for the subdivisions.

Domestic Violence
IN SHORT: Residents of Jacksonville will have a chance to speak at a meeting July 16.

Hillman, Harmon in runoff
IN SHORT: Sherwood city clerk outpolls mayor by 10 votes as they head for a runoff July 31, with both promising vigorous campaigns to get their message out to the public. [FULL TEXT]

Prep work preventing usual floods
IN SHORT: Recent onslaught of rains don’t leave Cabot subdivisions in high water. [FULL TEXT]

Schools reaching perfection
IN SHORT: Most area schools scored above the state average on end-of-course algebra and geometry exams.



Jacksonville’s Seth Tomboli scores a run during the Gwatney Chevrolet Class A American Legion team’s 12-5 victory over Conway Saturday evening during the Zone 3 tournament quarterfinals at the Maumelle Diamond Center.

Gwatney rallies, defeats Cabot A
IN SHORT: The Post 71 team took a 5-0 lead against the zone tourney’s top seed, but could not hold the lead against a good-swinging Jacksonville squad Sunday in the semifinals of the Zone 3 tournament. [FULL TEXT]

Class A in place of old for Gwatney program
IN SHORT: The Jacksonville A squad has a chance to advance to American Legion state for the first time in more than 10 years. [FULL TEXT]

Cabot AAA topples NLR Colts
IN SHORT: Post 71 Class AAA overcame a 4-0 deficit to win over NLR in nine innings. [FULL TEXT]


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