Rural areas get Internet
When Congress passed and President George H. W. Bush signed the High Performance Computing and Communication Act nearly 20 years ago, its author, Al Gore, promised that the “information superhighway” would transform business, medicine and education and enrich the lives of people in every corner of the country. [FULL TEXT]

Emulate O’Brien
Finally, there is a public official and politician who makes perfect sense in the great state-car war. Well, actually Pat O’Brien is the second one, after Lt. Gov. Bill Halter.[FULL TEXT]

Candidate's bankruptcy
Who cannot feel some sympathy for Rick Crawford, whose race for Congress in east Arkansas, including Lonoke County, unlocked some unfortunate past – that he had run up a lot of credit as a young man and got the government to relieve him of the debt? It happens to too many of us.[FULL TEXT]

Candidates against pork

Utter the words “earmarks,” “federal spending” or “pork barrel” and everyone’s blood pressure rises, which accounts for some irrational political behavior in 2010. Sensing the great public concern about the mushrooming national debt and the anger over absurd earmarks like the Alaskan “Bridge to Nowhere,” the Republican leadership in Congress recommends that the party’s candidates this year vow not to do earmarks for their districts or states. [FULL TEXT]

High hopes for Hopson
“I am an agent for change,” Charles Hopson said when he came from Portland, Ore., to interview for the PCSSD superintendent’s job in February, and since his hire, he’s done nothing to dissuade us. [FULL TEXT]

Hire a good lawyer
Everyone stands equal before the law, as we all know, but if you can hire an expensive attorney you stand a little taller. [FULL TEXT]

Good food for kids
It was one small blip on the national news, one giant blip in the career of Blanche Lincoln — or maybe not. It was the Senate’s passing the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, the chief sponsor of which was Sen. Lincoln, who is in a steeply uphill climb for re-election. [FULL TEXT]

J’Accuse: Smearing
of general

Air Force Gen. John D. Lavelle, who died more than 30 years ago, after he was falsely accused of insubordination, is a four-star general again. [FULL TEXT]

Petraeus salutes
camp liberators

It was 65 years ago Monday that Beryl Wolfson helped liberate the Dachau concentration camp in southeastern Germany.

Marker recalls fire at Twist

There's finally a marker honoring B.B. King in Twist in Cross County, where the great blues singer escaped from a fire at nightclub with his guitar and named it Lucille.

Justice Jim fought tough final battle
Arkansas bloggers were the first with the news of Justice Jim Johnson’s suicide over the weekend. The local TV news on Sunday ignored his passing, probably because no one in the newsroom knew who he was. [FULL TEXT]

Cabot man in raid
on POW camp in 1970
Mst. Sgt. Paul Poole, who helped to liberate Americans from a Vietnamese prison camp, died last week. [FULL TEXT]

Trial could get Muhammad
his death wish

Last June, Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad killed a soldier from Conway and injured another soldier from Jacksonville in front of a recruiting station in Little Rock.

What a little girl asked
from Santa

When my friend Jack Sallee was with the Jaycees in Fayetteville, they'd put an ad in the paper at Christmastime, saying that for $2 you could have Santa come to your place.

Tuskegee legend
at holiday reception

A tall elderly man stood in a far corner in a large banquet room at Little Rock Air Force Base on Sunday afternoon during the holiday reception hosted by the wing commanders.

Gas shut off
as hospital bills pile up

A couple in Beebe have been without heat for several months after the natural-gas company took out their meter because they were not paying their bills.

Huckabee our worst governor?
Who is Arkansas’ worst governor? Is it Orval Faubus, who defied federal authorities i in 1957, when he wouldn’t allow nine black students to attend Central High School in Little Rock? He brought shame and ridicule on the whole state, but at least no one was killed. Or is Mike Huckabee our worst governor ever?



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Aug. 21, 2010

Maj. Gen. Mark S. Solo (from left), commander of the 19th Air Force, stands with Col. C.K. Hyde, who relinquished command of the 314th Air Education Wing to Col. Mark Czelusta.

New 314th head welcomed
IN SHORT: Col. C.K. Hyde on Friday morning turned over command of the 314th Air Education and Training Wing to Col. Mark Czelusta, with Maj. Gen. Mark S. Solo, commander of the 19th Air Force, officiating.[FULL TEXT]

Jacksonville moving ahead on expansion
IN SHORT: It was called a forced shotgun wedding that wouldn’t last by one resident and a violation of private property rights by another, but the Jacksonville City Council went ahead with its annexation plans Thursday. [FULL TEXT]

Officer earns Tuskegee award
IN SHORT: An officer with the 48th Airlift Squadron at Little Rock Air Force Base has been recognized by the Tuskegee Airmen for his excellence in professional and community service.


Harding Academy’s Seth Keese heads this year’s crop of quarterbacks.

Quarterbacks taking charge
IN SHORT: Whatever the offense, someone needs to make it go.[FULL TEXT]

Tipping cap to reporters with ethics
IN SHORT: Who would have thought a cap would cause such a flap?[FULL TEXT]

Riverview hits on new front for its defense
IN SHORT: Riverview’s shift in defensive philosophy that came with new defensive coordinator Larry Davidson is perhaps the first significant change to the youthful Raiders program.[FULL TEXT]

Cabot well and kicking
IN SHORT: The injured players are trickling back to Cabot just in time for the Panthers’ first test, a Monday scrimmage at Lake Hamilton. FULL TEXT]

Wildcats on mission to help out
IN SHORT: The Harding Academy Wildcats are on a mission this season to repeat as 2-3A Conference champions.[FULL TEXT]


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