O'Brien gets Leader's vote
Sometimes the local boy really is the superlative candidate, not just the favorite son for whom support is obligatory. Pat O’Brien has about the best credentials one could have for secretary of state, and he also is lucky in his opponent, perhaps the state legislature’s leading abuser of the public trust. [FULL TEXT]

Why it's Joyce Elliott
Tim Griffin, the Republican candidate for the U. S. House of Representatives, deflects questions about what he has done the past 15 years by saying that he wants to talk about the future, not the past. It is a clever riposte. Who does not prefer to talk about the future?[FULL TEXT]

Limiting state cars
Is Mike Beebe a good governor or a just a good politician, or is there a difference? He turns every controversy into a good-government lesson. [FULL TEXT]

Reassessing exemptions
The state Constitution says you can’t do it. A 60-year-old statute says you can’t do it. A good case can be made that the U. S. Constitution prohibits it.[FULL TEXT]

Webb files stupid suit
Here is some surprising but wholesome news. Republicans are upset with the head of their party, Doyle Webb, for filing a lawsuit last week against the statewide officers — all Democrats — to make them repay the state for the expense of using a state car going back and forth to work and for personal uses. The suit does not name Mike Huckabee, a Republican, only Democrats, so he would not have to repay the state for his use of state conveyance for 10 years. [FULL TEXT]

Flood study on hold
Sherwood choked on a gnat at its city council meeting Monday night. [FULL TEXT]

Mark Martin a deadbeat
Although he profits from the name, Mark Martin, the Republican candidate for secretary of state, is not the world-class stock-car driver from Batesville. [FULL TEXT]

Berry, Ross switch sides
In the great maelstrom over the federal budget deficits, there are two kinds of congressmen: those who talk about the need to reduce them and those who do something about it. [FULL TEXT]

Teachers in charge
The Pulaski County Special School District board’s support for detaching a standalone Jacksonville/north Pulaski County school district may be the first casualty of the unions’ recent success in replacing its opponents with supporters on the school board. [FULL TEXT]

POWs recall their
World War ordeal

The former POWs who were shot down over Romania during the Second World War arrived at the Jacksonville Museum of Military History in their tour bus a little after 11 a.m. Thursday. [FULL TEXT]

Annexation plan: Many in area say they're against it
People who live north of Jacksonville near Hwy. 67/167 met at a church Monday evening to fight the city’s plan to annex the area.[FULL TEXT]

Lighthouse plans to build middle and high schools
The headline in Saturday’s Leader: “Cabot schools about to hit 10,000.”[FULL TEXT]

J’Accuse: Smearing
of general

Air Force Gen. John D. Lavelle, who died more than 30 years ago, after he was falsely accused of insubordination, is a four-star general again. [FULL TEXT]

Petraeus salutes
camp liberators

It was 65 years ago Monday that Beryl Wolfson helped liberate the Dachau concentration camp in southeastern Germany.

Marker recalls fire at Twist

There's finally a marker honoring B.B. King in Twist in Cross County, where the great blues singer escaped from a fire at nightclub with his guitar and named it Lucille.

Justice Jim fought tough final battle
Arkansas bloggers were the first with the news of Justice Jim Johnson’s suicide over the weekend. The local TV news on Sunday ignored his passing, probably because no one in the newsroom knew who he was. [FULL TEXT]

Cabot man in raid
on POW camp in 1970
Mst. Sgt. Paul Poole, who helped to liberate Americans from a Vietnamese prison camp, died last week. [FULL TEXT]

Trial could get Muhammad
his death wish

Last June, Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad killed a soldier from Conway and injured another soldier from Jacksonville in front of a recruiting station in Little Rock.

What a little girl asked
from Santa

When my friend Jack Sallee was with the Jaycees in Fayetteville, they'd put an ad in the paper at Christmastime, saying that for $2 you could have Santa come to your place.

Tuskegee legend
at holiday reception

A tall elderly man stood in a far corner in a large banquet room at Little Rock Air Force Base on Sunday afternoon during the holiday reception hosted by the wing commanders.

Gas shut off
as hospital bills pile up

A couple in Beebe have been without heat for several months after the natural-gas company took out their meter because they were not paying their bills.

Huckabee our worst governor?
Who is Arkansas’ worst governor? Is it Orval Faubus, who defied federal authorities i in 1957, when he wouldn’t allow nine black students to attend Central High School in Little Rock? He brought shame and ridicule on the whole state, but at least no one was killed. Or is Mike Huckabee our worst governor ever?



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Oct. 9, 2010

Maj. Rick Goodman describes flying his No. 5 F-16 Thunderbird. He said he is honored to represent the Air Force and to be lead solo of the Thunderbirds. They few at the Little Rock Air Force Base Airshow over the weekend.

PCSSD must follow rules, auditors say
IN SHORT: Members of the state Legis-lative Audit Committee grilled Pulaski County Special School District Board member Gwen Williams and her board mates Friday morning, asking how they could have been so lax as to allow $439,000 worth of district property to be fraudulently purchased and sold. [FULL TEXT]

Smaller budget in 2011
IN SHORT: Jacksonville’s 2011 budget will be smaller than this year’s. [FULL TEXT]

Suit doesn’t stop annexation plans
IN SHORT: Although a lawsuit has been filed to stop Jacksonville’s efforts to bring 3.84 square miles north of the city limits into the city, plans continue to annex the area if voters approve the proposal Nov. 2. [FULL TEXT]

Post commander’s life as a POW
Joe McGloflin was imprisoned in Vietnam for nearly three months.[FULL TEXT]

Cabot’s Spencer Smith (3) scores the winning touchdown in overtime on a two-yard run that gave the Panthers a 14-7 lead. Cabot would have to stop North Little Rock before claiming its second consecutive 7A/6A-Conference victory on Friday.

Cabot’s ‘D’ earns an A for efforts on goal line
IN SHORT: It began with a goal-line stand and ended with one, and somewhere in between Cabot scored enough points to beat North Little Rock 14-7 in overtime at Panther Stadium on Friday night. [FULL TEXT]

Lonoke smashes Southside
IN SHORT: Justin Smith gave Lonoke fans plenty to cheer about during the Jackrabbits’ 50-14 clubbing of Southside Batesville Friday.[FULL TEXT]

Red Devils get stingy in shutout of Warriors
IN SHORT: Jacksonville got back to winning form in a big way with a 29-0, 7A/6A-East Conference victory at Little Rock Hall on Friday. [FULL TEXT]

Lady Panthers victorious
IN SHORT:Senior night became a statement match for the Cabot Lady Panthers on Thursday.[FULL TEXT]

Smith wins 7A state
IN SHORT:Cabot’s Hunter Smith birdied four of his final seven holes to win the boys 7A state golf championship at Cabot’s Greystone Country Club on Wednesday. [FULL TEXT]



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