How to sue legislators

State legislators continue to violate the recently passed ethics amendment that prohibits lobbyists from offering free meals and booze to lawmakers.

Common Core
fails many kids

The biggest problem with Common Core is not the curriculum, but the testing --- it sets up Jacksonville students to fail.

Jacksonville taking lead

Jacksonville's new school district is showing the way for Sherwood and Maumelle, which are also trying to separate from the troubled Pulaski County Special School District.

Last chance, sign petition

Kudos and good luck to those collecting signatures on the wet-dry petitions in Jacksonville. Organizers are only 500 signatures short now and "sprinting to the finish line," Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce board president Roger Sundermeier said Friday.

Arkansas ain't ready
for reform

Paddy Bauler, who represented Chicago's 43rd Ward for 35 years, must be the patron saint of Arkansas legislators. [FULL TEXT]

Little girl tells Santa a wish for Christmas

When my friend Jack Sallee was with the Jaycees in Fayetteville, they'd put an ad in the paper at Christmastime saying that for $2 you could have Santa come to your place. [FULL TEXT]

Prison reform pushed

The Department of Correction wants $100 million for a new prison, but Sen. Eddie Joe Williams (R-Cabot) thinks that's a waste of money.

Pardons by Beebe
not as bad as Huck's

Gov. Mike Beebe has had a good record on pardons until this week, much better than Gov. Mike Huckabee, his predecessor.

Lennox, Hutcherson on Blue Note; Impulse back

Annie Lennox's new CD, "Nostalgia," from Blue Note includes a stunning version of "Strange Fruit," an anti-lynching song usually associated with Billie Holiday, who recorded it in 1937.

Is a life worth

a million dollars?

Almost half the parolees in Arkansas who serve a fraction of their sentences commit more crimes soon after they're freed.

Killer at our front door

Arron Lewis stood near the front door at The Leader one evening last month, and he knocked on the big glass window when he realized the door was locked.

Killer in Cabot's schools
3 times

Glen Martin Green, the killer serving a life sentence without parole, worked in Cabot schools three different times this year.

Cabot ends prison labor in schools

After a report here Saturday that a convicted murderer worked at Cabot Junior High North last week as a prison trustee, school officials decided Monday to ban prison labor in the district. [FULL TEXT]

Killer worked at Cabot school gym

A murderer who is serving a life sentence without parole was installing a wall mat this week at the Cabot Junior High North gym as part of a prison work-release program. [FULL TEXT]


When firm's comptroller
steals $1.1M

AGL Corp., the small Jacksonville manufacturer of laser equipment used for construction around the world, had been struggling for years. The company had trouble making a profit. There were layoffs and rumors about the plant shutting down. [FULL TEXT]

Genocide threatens minorities

A huge humanitarian disaster was unfolding last month while the western world and much of the media looked away. They focused on a tiny area on the Mediterranean controlled by a group of Moslem fanatics, who have held their own people hostage while provoking another senseless war with Israel. [FULL TEXT]

Strategy put own people in line of fire

A ceasefire seems to be holding in Gaza after a month of hostilities that killed and wounded 10,000 Palestinians – while fewer than 100 Israelis were killed and injured – in the wake of another monumental Arab military failure. [FULL TEXT]

Her niece one plane ahead of fatal flight

Hedy Wuelling, who runs the Jacksonville Animal Shelter, follows the news of the downed Malaysian airliner on Dutch websites because she's from Holland. [FULL TEXT]

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February 28, 2015

Cabot Scholarship Foundation will award $108,225
The Cabot Scholarship Foundation released the names of Cabot High School seniors who will receive scholarships. The foundation will honor 99 winners and award $108,225 during its annual banquet on Tuesday, March 10. The following students, gathering for a photo Thursday, will be awarded scholarships: Chandler Abbott, Robert Andrews, Eugene Barbery, Madison Barnhill, Daniel Beltram, Joshua Bennett, Lauren Bettis, Dylan Bowers, Cody Body, Payton Bradshaw, Daniel Brathwaite, Hannah Brown, Tristan Bulice, Coral Burns, Kolby Cole, Jessica Coleman, Mary Collins, Kaeleigh Colston, Duel Cunningham, Brianna Daugherty, Jacob Dills, Hadley DuVall, Erin Eckert, Hope Eilts, Annalise Elsasser, Jacob Ferguson, Tyler Folsom-Hill, Brett Frazier, Olivia Fredricks, Cobrin Friddle, John Gairhan, Shawn-Keith Goforth, Lauren Griffin, Molly Guzman, Jutin Hagar, Brianna Hamby, Alyssa Hamilton, Paxton Harmon, Austin Harris, Kendall Harris, Jayden Hart, Jalen Hemphill, Riley Hillegas, Micah Huckabee, Rachel Hunt, Annalise Jirik, Alisha Jones, Michael Jones, Lane Justus, Oksana Karjala, Laiken Kaylor, Charles Kibbe, Sammiera Long, Kaitlin Marshall, Brian Marshall, Ashley Martin, Sooyoung Matthews, Macy McClanahan, Ian McDonald, Jeri McWilliams, Logan Melder, Tanner Meredith, Brooke Miller, Katherine Mitchell, Allison Monroe, John Nichols, Riley Patterson, Bailey Payne, Sidney Peters, Andrea Poland, Mackenzie Powers, Cody Pugh, Kyleigh Reynolds, Taylor Rich, Emily Richard, Emily Richards, Taylor Romine, Melody Sampson, Caitlin Sanders, Erica Savage, Brittany Sorrell, James Speir, Kayla St. John, Ryan Stephens, Grant Tarvin, Kiera Taylor, Tatum Tompkins, Jacob Tucker, Caitlin Way, Vanessa Weidling, Justin Wheeler, Jack Whisker, Ashton Williams, Chloe Wofford, Taylor Wofford, Charl Young and Riley Young.

Liquor petition nears deadline

IN SHORT: Opposition sends out mailer that may be funded by liquor stores, churches that spoke out before. [FULL TEXT]

Judge will decide on Lewis' competence

IN SHORT: Evaluation finds defendant has antisocial disorder; he insists that his wife is innocent.

Mrs. Hutchinson will guest speak at shelter dinner

IN SHORT: Arkansas First Lady Susan Hutchinson will speak during Open Arms Shelter's third annual Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention Banquet at 6 p.m. Thursday, April 2 in the cafeteria of the Cabot Freshman Academy. [FULL TEXT]

Cabot post player Jared Dixon scored 15 points in the Panthers' fast-paced win over Central.

Cabot beats Tigers, into playoff race

IN SHORT: Cabot is in state tournament if NLR handles Central. [FULL TEXT]

Panther girls get win over Central

IN SHORT: Cabot ladies avenge loss to Lady Tigers, improve East record to 9-2. [FULL TEXT]

Red Devils earn sweep of Falcons

IN SHORT: Jacksonville boys get by with 10-point win, ladies get mercy-rule victory over their city rival. [FULL TEXT]

Pocahontas' guards too much for Lonoke

IN SHORT: Lady Redskins put an end to Jackrabbits' season at East Regional. [FULL TEXT]

A memorial at the Lonoke County Courthouse honors William Waggoner, who was a longtime judge and a veteran of the First World War.

Letter from the front

IN SHORT: A young soldier from Lonoke County, who became a judge and prosecutor, fought in World War. [FULL TEXT]

Rebirth of Jacksonville's heart

IN SHORT: An effort is underway to return the city's original train station. [FULL TEXT]