District says
it will be fair

The Jacksonville-North Pulaski School District is not quite off the ground yet --- it's still a two-person operation with a couple of part-timers and an interim school board --- but teachers are concerned about future pay and even if they'll have a job once the district completes its separation from the Pulaski County Special School District.

Broken glass still lies in parking lot

Someone's sideview mirror must have broken during a visit to the Jacksonville post office during the ice storm early last month.

Districts' split
turns messy

The separation between the Pulaski County Special School District and the new Jacksonville district is much like a divorce, albeit a somewhat friendly one.

Cabot board
sounds alarm

The Cabot School Board last week released an open letter criticizing proposed legislation that could hurt the district. The Leader ran an article Saturday under the headline, "Board warns on state cuts." The school board is worried that more open-enrollment charter schools and more taxpayer-funded vouchers for private schools will drain aid for public education.

Son of Delta:
Be a winner

Lloyd E. Shevsky is a retired international lawyer and entrepreneur who was born in Arkansas, raised in Chicago and is now semi-retired in Florida. He's still lecturing, consulting and writing books about living the American Dream through hard work, personal vision and playing by the rules.

Arkansas ain't ready
for reform

Paddy Bauler, who represented Chicago's 43rd Ward for 35 years, must be the patron saint of Arkansas legislators. [FULL TEXT]

Little girl tells Santa a wish for Christmas

When my friend Jack Sallee was with the Jaycees in Fayetteville, they'd put an ad in the paper at Christmastime saying that for $2 you could have Santa come to your place. [FULL TEXT]

Prison reform pushed

The Department of Correction wants $100 million for a new prison, but Sen. Eddie Joe Williams (R-Cabot) thinks that's a waste of money.

Pardons by Beebe
not as bad as Huck's

Gov. Mike Beebe has had a good record on pardons until this week, much better than Gov. Mike Huckabee, his predecessor.

Lennox, Hutcherson on Blue Note; Impulse back

Annie Lennox's new CD, "Nostalgia," from Blue Note includes a stunning version of "Strange Fruit," an anti-lynching song usually associated with Billie Holiday, who recorded it in 1937.

Is a life worth

a million dollars?

Almost half the parolees in Arkansas who serve a fraction of their sentences commit more crimes soon after they're freed.

Killer at our front door

Arron Lewis stood near the front door at The Leader one evening last month, and he knocked on the big glass window when he realized the door was locked.

Killer in Cabot's schools
3 times

Glen Martin Green, the killer serving a life sentence without parole, worked in Cabot schools three different times this year.

Cabot ends prison labor in schools

After a report here Saturday that a convicted murderer worked at Cabot Junior High North last week as a prison trustee, school officials decided Monday to ban prison labor in the district. [FULL TEXT]

Killer worked at Cabot school gym

A murderer who is serving a life sentence without parole was installing a wall mat this week at the Cabot Junior High North gym as part of a prison work-release program. [FULL TEXT]


When firm's comptroller
steals $1.1M

AGL Corp., the small Jacksonville manufacturer of laser equipment used for construction around the world, had been struggling for years. The company had trouble making a profit. There were layoffs and rumors about the plant shutting down. [FULL TEXT]

Genocide threatens minorities

A huge humanitarian disaster was unfolding last month while the western world and much of the media looked away. They focused on a tiny area on the Mediterranean controlled by a group of Moslem fanatics, who have held their own people hostage while provoking another senseless war with Israel. [FULL TEXT]

Strategy put own people in line of fire

A ceasefire seems to be holding in Gaza after a month of hostilities that killed and wounded 10,000 Palestinians – while fewer than 100 Israelis were killed and injured – in the wake of another monumental Arab military failure. [FULL TEXT]

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April 1, 2015

Protest against controversial bill
An estimated 250 people flocked to the state Capitol on Monday to express opposition to HB1228, the Religious Freedom Act. Both houses have passed the bill and it awaits only the governor's signature. "I've already been called by the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times," said state Rep. Camille Bennett (D-Lonoke), who tried late Tuesday afternoon to send the bill back to the House Judiciary Committee. Opponents say the law will allow open discrimination against gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender residents under the guise of freedom of religion. Bennett said the way it is written, any corporation, group or club can hold that any action is against their religious beliefs and sue the state. "The perception that this bill is aimed at hate embarrasses me as a Christian," Bennett said. "This is about lawsuits, not about religious freedom," she said. Monday evening, a group of clergy, including Judge Wendell Griffin and Rabbi Barry Block, led a prayer vigil outside the governor's mansion, decrying the bill.

Air Force hit with $10B in budget cuts

IN SHORT: Secretary asks for more funding as military is asked to do more with fewer resources and improvements. [FULL TEXT]

Community Center marks its 20th year

IN SHORT: Celebration set for April 11 will honor of the municipal facility. [FULL TEXT]

New life at old Hastings

IN SHORT: The Game Store has a new name and new home in downtown Jacksonville and grand opening May 2. [FULL TEXT]

The Cabot Lady Panthers line up at the plate to greet Kaitlyn Felder, 13, at the end of her home run trot against Harrisburg on Saturday in tournament play.

Cabot second in '67' tourney

IN SHORT: After cruising twice, games get tougher vs. Saline County schools. [FULL TEXT]

Red Devil pitching shuts out Badgers

IN SHORT: Jacksonville has given up one hit in last three games, including conference sweep of Beebe. [FULL TEXT]

Beebe goes 2-1 in home games

IN SHORT: Shorthanded Lady Badgers win big, win close one, fall to Benton. [FULL TEXT]

Youthful Panthers showing progress

IN SHORT: Cabot baseball team goes 2-2 at CAI with both losses by one run. [FULL TEXT]

Justin Matthews Sr. was a visionary who developed Park Hill in North Little Rock and much of Sylvan Hills, which later formed the city of Sherwood. Among his projects there were the Roundtop Filling Station and The Greens at North Hills golf course.

Tycoon who built Sherwood

IN SHORT: Justin Matthews saw the future growth of the area long before anyone else. [FULL TEXT]


Letter from the front

IN SHORT: A young soldier from Lonoke County, who became a judge and prosecutor, fought in World War. [FULL TEXT]

Rebirth of Jacksonville's heart

IN SHORT: An effort is underway to return the city's original train station. [FULL TEXT]